Quiz: First Come, First Staked: The Lost Boys Quiz
First Come, First Staked: The Lost Boys Quiz
By: Maria Trimarchi

About This Quiz

What do you do your first night out in your new town? Get to know your new neighbors -- dead and alive. How much do you know about the creatures of the night in this '80s horror favorite?

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Which Corey appears in "The Lost Boys"?
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What fictional town do Lucy, Michael and Sam move to from Phoenix, Arizona?
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What is the town of Santa Carla overun by?
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Nobody touches the second shelf, but who?
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Who was originally supposed to direct the film?
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Who is the man playing the saxophone on the boardwalk at the beginning of the movie?
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What's Sam's dog's name?
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Who is on the poster on the outside of Sam's bedroom closet door?
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Where on the boardwalk does Lucy Emerson work?
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Who is the leader of the Lost Boys?
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Who doesn't turn back to their normal human selves after David is impaled on the antlers?
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Who is Santa Carla's head vampire?
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Who is the Missing Child on the milk carton?
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Who covers The Doors' song, "People Are Strange," for the film?
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Michael hallucinates that the rice with his Chinese food turns into what?
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How many times do the characters say the name, "Michael," in the movie?
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The Lost Boys aren't the only local gang in Santa Carla. What is the name of the other local gang?
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What does David say to Surf Nazi-Greg before he feeds on him?
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How do the vampire hunters kill Marko, played by Alex Winter?
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Which is not part of the movie's tagline?
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Which song from the soundtrack is the only single from the movie to chart in the U.S.?
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Jason Patric's real-life brother appeared in a vampire movie, the same year "The Lost Boys" came out. Which movie was it?
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Which movie did Jason Patric (Michael) and Jami Gertz (Star) appear in together before starring together in "The Lost Boys?"
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Which movies did director Joel Schumacher suggest Corey Feldman rent to help get into his character, Edgar Frog?
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Who hasn't sampled the "Theme From The Lost Boys?"
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What was the only sequel Schumacher was interested in doing?
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Which "Zoolander" star recounted at the 2010 Young Hollywood Awards that he'd auditioned for "The Lost Boys?"
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Lost Boy Jason Patric earned a Razzie award for his role in what movie?
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It's said Joel Schumacher traded directing band's music videos for their songs for his movie soundtracks. Which INXS video did he later direct?
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