Quiz: Firefly: Are You a Browncoat? Quiz
Firefly: Are You a Browncoat? Quiz
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We don't believe there is a power in the 'verse that can stop you from testing your "Firefly" IQ.

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Which episode aired first, despite not being the pilot?

"The Train Job" aired before the two-hour pilot.

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Who created the "Firefly" universe?

Joss Whedon

"The Killer Angels" by Michael Shaara

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Who was originally cast as Inara Serra?

Rebecca Gayheart

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Who wrote the "Firefly" theme song, "Ballad of Serenity?"

Joss Whedon

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During what year did Season 1 of "Firefly" air?


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Other than English, what language is spoken by the characters?

Chinese, specifically Mandarin

The man they call Jayne.

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True or False: Zac Efron's acting debut was on "Firefly."

True. Efron played Young Simon Tam.

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Fox aired how many episodes of the series before canceling it?

11 of 14

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In what year is the story set?


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Was the movie "Serenity" created before or after the "Firefly" TV series?


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Who named his gun, Vera?

Jayne Cobb

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Who coined the nickname "Captain Tightpants?"


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What were the Alliance's soldiers nicknamed in "Serenity?"

Purple Bellies

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Mal rides the same horse every time there is a horse to ride. What's that horse's name?


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How many crew members are there?


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True or False: Han Solo has a cameo in "Firefly?"

True, although it's a miniature Han Solo encased in carbonite.

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Who is considered responsible for the ship's floral wall pattern?


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During which episode does Mal get married?

Episode 6 ("Our Mrs. Reynolds")

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Which promotional phrase wasn't used to describe 'Firefly' characters?

Both of these were used along with space cowboy.

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Which member of the crew dies during Season 1?


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True or False: "Serenity" was a blockbuster when it hit screens in 2005.

False. It barely broke even.

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Which star of "Mad Men" played the role of Saffron?

Christina Hendricks

Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series.

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Who composed the "Firefly" original score?

Greg Edmonson

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Which two members of the "Firefly" crew were married?

Wash and Zoe

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Costume armor for the Alliance was from which movie?

"Starship Troopers"

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Who says, "I am a leaf on the wind; watch how I soar?"


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True or False: Morena Baccarin's Inara has a terminal illness.

True, but it wasn't confirmed until after the show's cancellation.

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Who plays The Interviewer in the R. Tam sessions?

Joss Whedon

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