Quiz: The Firearm Safety Quiz
The Firearm Safety Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Getting flippant with guns can cost you dearly. How much do you know about firearm safety? Take this quiz to find out.

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True or false: A gun's safety is guaranteed to never fail.
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What should you do with the gun's action before entering a vehicle or home?
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How should you treat every gun, even if you suspect it has never once been loaded with ammunition?
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Where should your finger NOT be placed until you are ready to fire a weapon?
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About how many states hold adults criminally liable if they fail to store guns safely and someone gets hurt?
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You should never point the muzzle of your gun at anything unless you intend to …
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Before you pull the trigger, you should verify your target as well as …
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Smart guns can't be fired by anyone other than their owners thanks to …
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What percentage of accidental child shooting victims are boys?
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In decibels, how loud are many handguns?
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What should you always be leery of?
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What's the primary reason to wear safety glasses while shooting?
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When should you perform maintenance on your firearm?
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What is the legal maximum blood alcohol content for safe gun operation in the U.S.?
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Because accidents happen, you should never do what?
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What can happen if you fire weapons in a poorly ventilated area?
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Where should you store the key for a locked firearm?
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In 2013 about how many unintentional firearms deaths were there worldwide?
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What can cause the barrel of a gun to split like a banana peel?
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