Find Out Which Small Dog Breed Is Perfect for You!

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No disrespect to big dogs, but small dogs rule! Not only do they provide most of the same things big dogs do, but they can also literally be carried around everywhere. They can fit into our bags, on plane seats, and just about anywhere we want to bring them. 

These babies, despite their size, are just as fierce as their bigger companions, with slightly cuter barks. Because of their size, they eat less food, don't poop as much, and look way more adorable in clothes. But the questions remains, which one is right for you? Which one should you think about getting? Let's find out. 

Should you get a Pembroke Welsh Corgi? They're really happy dogs who are great for families. What about a French Bulldog? French bulldogs are low energy dogs, but they notice everything. Maybe the Scottish Terrier is best for you. They are very smart and emotional dogs, who are great for single owners. Or should you get a Daschund? These pets, also called the 'sausage or wiener dog,' are extremely loyal and have energy for days!

So if you're thinking about going smaller, dog-wise, you need to find out which breed best goes with your lifestyle. Our quiz will tell you just that, so let's find out!

What kind of dog food will you feed your pup?

Which of these dog-friendly treats would you be willing to share with your pup?

Where would you take your pup to play for the afternoon?

Which season is your favorite for adventures?

Where would your pup be while you work?

Which game would you rather play with your canine companion?

Where in your home is the coziest place for puppy snuggles?

How big is your backyard?

Which famous dog would you want to play with?

Which fitness routine would you incorporate your pup into?

Which of these dog-toxic foods would you be willing to not bring home?

What would you print a picture of you and your dog on?

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

What is your first instinct when you hear a knock at your door?

Where would you and your pooch go for vacation?

What is your favorite leisure activity?

How can people tell you are stressed?

When you are sad, who do you seek comfort from?

When your significant other comes home from work, how do you greet them?

What other pets would you like to have in the house?

How do you feel about shedding?

Which mythical creature do you feel would make a great companion?

What personality trait do you look for in a friend?

How often would you groom your pup?

Which pup movie holds a special place in your heart?

Where are you most productive?

Which piece of furniture would you hate to see ruined?

Which of these puppy accessories would you want your pup to wear?

How would you travel most often when on vacation with your pup?

Who would you trust your dog with in an emergency?

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