Quiz: Fill Up Your Makeup Bag and We'll Guess if You're High or Low Maintenance
Fill Up Your Makeup Bag and We'll Guess if You're High or Low Maintenance
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Let's go on a makeup shopping spree! The way you fill up your makeup bag will decide if you are the biggest diva in town or if you prefer to go unnoticed. The items and brands, you choose will tell us a lot about you. We'll be able to figure out if you are more into trends or classics, and we'll know exactly how high, or how low, maintenance you are!

You might not think that you fall anywhere near the high maintenance category, but do the contents of your makeup bag say otherwise? What seems like a little weekend makeup bag to you might be a crazy amount of gear for someone else to take for such a short period of time. We often get so absorbed in the way that we do things that we forget to take a step back from the mirror to assess our whole selves. Take a look inside yourself and your bag with us, and find out if others think you are hard to maintain! 

During our limitless shopping spree, we'll visit some of your favorite stores. Once you've finished shopping, we'll fill you in out what we found out. So you'll know whether to tone it down or turn it up! 

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What kind of eyeliner do you use?

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Which drug store foundation would you add to a makeup bag?

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How many lip balms do you have in your purse?

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What color family are most of your eyeshadow palettes in?

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Which perfume brand would you like an endless supply of?

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What kind of scents to you prefer?

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Which mall store could you spend the most time in?

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How much do you spend on makeup per month?

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Which Ulta gift set would you most like to have in your makeup bag?

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Which Victoria's Secret fragrance would we find in your bag?

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Which Sephora lipstick do you like most?

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What kind of foot scrub would you carry in your makeup bag?

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What nail item might be in your makeup bag?

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What kind of feminine hygiene products do you keep in your bag?

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Which brand of blush do you like most?

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Are you comfortable leaving home without makeup?

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How many lip liners do you have in your bag?

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