Fill Up Your Makeup Bag and We'll Guess Your True Eye Color

Talin Vartanian

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About This Quiz

In this quiz, we're going to determine what your true eye color is based on 30 questions about your makeup and beauty habits. We'll give you a makeup bag, and your job is to fill it up with makeup products that will best suit your eyes, lips and cheeks! 

Makeup is a staple for many people. It allows you to enhance certain features of your face and body, while some makeup gurus like to completely alter their appearance. Many makeup pros have documented their makeup journeys, product reviews and tutorials on YouTube, while others enjoy blogging about how to apply various makeup products.

Some makeup gurus also make themselves look like celebrity icons or Disney princesses, with Elsa, Ariel and Cinderella as popular choices. Other people like to create scary makeup looks for holidays like Halloween or cosplay events. With these makeup looks, products like fake blood and bright colors are often used to enhance a level of realism. So, are you ready to find out what your true eye color is? Will you be matched with blue, green, hazel or brown eyes? You'll never know unless you take this beauty quiz right now!

What do you normally wear: mascara or false eyelashes?

Your eyeshadow palette consists of...?

Choose a foundation that is best for your skin type.

When choosing a BB cream, which of the following matters the most to you?

Which of these types of eyeshadows dominates your makeup bag?

When color correcting your face, which of these colors would you choose?

Are you into contouring and highlighting?

Which of the following concealers would you choose?

What kind of foundation coverage do you look for?

Choose a type of bronzer finish for a sun-kissed glow.

Which of these blush colors would highlight your cheeks the best?

Do you look for shimmer in your blush and bronzer palettes?

What's the best way to apply eyeshadow?

Which of these brushes are a staple in your makeup bag?

What's the best type of eyeliner for you?

Which of these colored eyeliners would you try?

Which of these primers is best for your eyes?

Pick a lip color that looks the most flattering on you.

You can't live without which of these makeup tools?

Does your makeup bag include any compact mirrors?

Would you add any lip plumping products to your makeup bag?

What's the best way to groom your eyebrows?

Which of these mascara wands would you choose?

Are you into organic and natural makeup products?

After putting on foundation, which of the following would you use next?

BB Cream versus CC Cream versus foundation. Pick only one for your makeup bag.

How much SPF do you look for in face products?

Which of the following matters to you when it comes to choosing a foundation?

Do you prefer 2-in-1 makeup?

Glitter in eyeshadow: Is this a crime in the world of makeup?

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