Fill Up Your Makeup Bag and We’ll Guess You If You’re a Cat Person or Dog Person

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About This Quiz

Whether you are a makeup person or not, filling a makeup bag isn't a hard task. It seems as if no pouch is big enough for all that lipstick, mascara and foundation. What goes in a person's makeup bag is quite sacred, but more often than not, makeup bags are cluttered and filled with things we do not need or even use. 

So what should go in a makeup bag? The answer is custom to each person, but there is a standard according to beauty experts. Simply think of your daily beauty routine. Do you keep skincare items in your makeup bag, too? If so, include them in your list. Go through each step of your routine, and set aside the makeup products and tools you use each day during that time. Find a new home for any products you don't use every day. It will make each day easier not having to dig through your bag and find the products you use in a sea of dried-out, old, and useless products you rarely touch. 

Think it'll help? You might need to experiment a little. Fill your makeup bag in this quiz, and we'll guess if you're a dog person or a cat person! 

What color is your makeup bag?

What size is the makeup bag?

If you could pick a set of makeup brushes from any of these brands, which would it be?

What is the mascara brush like in your makeup bag?

What kind of eyebrow product do you have?

Face mask time is the best time. Which kind are you obsessed with?

What tones are in your eyeshadow palette?

Let's be real for a minute. How do you apply your face makeup?

We've got to ask. Which celeb fragrance would you proudly keep in your makeup bag?

What lip product is in your bag that's not lipstick?

What kind of makeup remover do you have?

Do you have any of these tools in your bag?

Any nail products?

What kind of base makeup do you have?

What scent is the lotion in your bag?

You'd never be caught dead wearing any other eyeliner shade than the one in your bag. What is it?

That concealer you've got in there ... what is it good for anyway?

We've got to know ... who really has the best highlighter?

Do you have any dental hygiene supplies in your makeup bag?

Which travel-sized hair product do you have in there?

Everyone needs a little TLC. What do use to pamper yourself?

Which travel-sized perfume scent is in the bag?

Pick an SPF level for the sun tan lotion in your bag.

How do you keep that sun-kissed glow all year round?

What skin care product is in there?

What oil-absorbing product is in the makeup bag?

Which hair accessories must be in there?

What kind of eyeliner do you have?

Nobody likes a blotchy face. How do you blend your makeup?

What flavor is your chapstick in the bag?

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