Fill Up Your Makeup Bag and We'll Guess What Kind of Attractive You Are

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Mascara and lip gloss and blush, oh my! There are endless makeup options out there for all skin types, skin colors, styles, looks and more. If you're looking for an evening look, you can surely find darker eyeshadows and dramatic lipsticks. Maybe you're in need of a daytime look for a winery outing or day at the zoo. Find the perfect tinted moisturizer that won't weigh you down and light mascara with all-day hold. Navigating all of these makeup options can be tough, but thinking about being able to walk down the aisles of an imaginary makeup store and filling up your bag is a dream come true. 

The makeup you choose can also lend great insight into what kind of attractive you are. Maybe you are rocking the vampy look with sultry eye looks and deep red lip color. Or flip the script and maybe you are more the modest type of attractive, the kind of girl who barely needs makeup because you're so naturally beautiful. Whichever style of attractive you are, you are uniquely you and that's worth celebrating. After all that, do you want to know what type of attractive you are? Fill up your makeup bag with this quiz and we'll guess!

Let's start at the bottom. What kind of primer are you getting?

Are you going tinted moisturizer or foundation?

If you chose foundation, what style is it?

If you chose tinted moisturizer, which kind are you tossing in your cart?

Are you getting bronzer?

On top of that bronzer, are you getting blush?

Will you need a setting spray for the base of your makeup?

Are you getting contouring brushes?

Do you prefer liquid eyeliner or pencil?

Do you put eyeliner on before eyeshadow?

What shades of eyeshadow are you sticking with?

Are you picking up an eyebrow tint?

When it comes to mascara, do you go black?

Does your mascara need to be waterproof?

Do you need to pick up an eyelash curler?

What type of lip color are you grabbing?

Do you go toward any certain shades of lipstick?

Will you be picking up any concealer?

Have you ever worn false lashes?

Have you used up all of your lipliner?

If your lips could use a little enhancement, would you get a lip plumper?

Do you think you need a lip exfoliator?

Would you choose a powdered foundation or a cream foundation?

Nails need a little love too! How often do you wear nail polish?

What shades of polish do you normally go with?

Are professional manicures something you get often?

When it comes to taking off your makeup, which method do you prefer?

How do prepare your skin at night for makeup the next day?

Do you think BB, CC, or DD cream really do anything spectacular?

Where is your favorite place to shop for makeup?

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