Fill Out These Mad Libs and We'll Match You to Your Ideal Haircut

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

If you've been looking to shake up your hairstyle, you've come to the right place. Instead of endlessly flipping through fashion magazines or driving your stylist crazy trying to find the right haircut, we think our Mad Libs are a much more efficient way to figure it out. All you have to do is pretend that you're a kid again! 

Throughout this quiz, we are going to present you with a traditional sentence with one missing word. Just like the game you used to fill out with pencils, your job will be to choose the word that makes sense to you. After you've completed your wordy mission, we will match you with the haircut that will rock your world! 

From pixie cuts to longer, angled bobs, there are too many haircuts out there to try all of them. Save yourself the risk of disaster before you go to the salon by figuring it out now! Not only will you get to look your very best, but you'll also have a lot of fun finding out. You loved Mad Libs when you were young, and you'll love how it works for you now - but which haircut will it be? 

My hair's current condition is ________ (adjective).

I would never dye my hair a shade of _______ (color).

I ______ (verb) my current stylist.

Women with short hair are usually _______ (adjective).

I get a haircut every ______ (number) months.

My makeup bag could be described as _______ (adjective).

My favorite actress has ______ (adjective) hair.

When I wear bangs, I feel _______ (adjective).

I apply my eyeliner with _______ (adverb).

If I had to choose one color nail polish, it would be _______ (color).

My sense of style is _______ (adjective).

I would rather _______ (verb) my leg hair.

My face shape could be called _______ (shape).

When my eyebrows are plucked, I say ________ (interjection)!

I would say my eyelashes are _______ (adjective).

I need a spa day so I can _______ (verb).

I prefer _______ (adjective) eyeshadow colors.

My favorite kind of lipgloss is _______ (flavor).

When it comes to beauty, I am a _______ (noun).

My skincare routine is quite _______ (adjective).

I _______ (adverb) wear sunscreeen when I go out.

I really like shoes that are ________ (adjective).

If you asked my coworkers, they would say I'm _______ (adjective).

I think my best feature is my ________ (body part).

When I look in the mirror, I see a _______ (noun).

I always carry a ______ (noun) in my bag.

I feel most beautiful when I'm _______ (verb).

I think that ponytails are _______ (adjective).

Men with longer hair are usually _______ (adverb).

It takes me ______ (number) minutes to get ready for work.

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