Fill In the Blanks and We'll Guess How Deep You Are on a Scale From 1–10

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About This Quiz

Much of our own personal depth depends on our experiences and personality traits. While some of us are born with a natural sense of curiosity or empathy that drives us to think, others are born with the ability to roll with the punches. Once you fill in the blanks in the sentences we give you, your rating on the depth scale will be clear.

Being deep--or not being so deep-- is neither a flaw nor an asset. It's simply one of those things that you are or you are not, and we have a way to measure it. Throughout our fill in the blank quiz, it's your job to show off how much time you spend lost in thought or springing to action. There's no right and no wrong, but we do need you to be honest so we can give you the best results. 

In addition to a big, fat blank space in a sentence, we've given you four possible words to fill it. The way you choose them will help to measure your level of depth.  After you finish these sentences, we'll let you know where you fall in 1 to 10 on our scale of deep. Are you as deep as the ocean or the bathroom sink?

I'm at my best when I'm ______.

My favorite kind of lunch is ______.

At my job, I'm known as the ______ one.

My one wish for the world would be ______.

My best friend is most like a ______.

I would rather adopt a ______.

When I go shopping, I look for _____.

I think I'm really _____ for my age.

If my life were a movie, it would be a _______.

When I was in school, I was the ______ type.

My last ex would say I'm ______.

My sense of style is ______.

I don't like it when people ______.

I drive like a ______.

I really ______ my life right now.

On social media, I post a lot of ______.

I would describe myself as a ______ test taker.

The last dream I had was ______.

I secretly think my boss is ______.

I really do not like _____.

My biggest talent is ______.

When I'm hungry, I'm a lot like a _______.

The smartest people are ______.

My mood right now is ______.

My sense of humor is really ______.

People would say I have a _______ heart.

_______ always makes me feel better.

Sometimes, the news makes me feel ______.

I like the sound of ______.

I like to _____ when I listen to music.

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