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Jet lag can really spoil your trip, be it a business trip or a holiday. The last thing you need is to be falling asleep during the day and wide awake all night. Would you like to know more about jet lag and how to prevent it? If so, have a go at this quiz and learn some handy tips for fighting jet lag along the way.

When does jet lag occur?

Jet lag occurs when you cross between two or more time zones, disrupting your body's cycle.


What is a circadian rhythm?

Circadian rhythm is your body's natural biological clock. Jet lag interrupts your body's circadian rhythm.


In which movie does a character struggle with severe jet lag?

In Fight Club the character played by Edward Norton suffers from insomnia due to jet lag.


What is the most common problem arising from jet lag?

Sleep deprivation is the most common problem caused by jet lag, but jet lag can also cause disorientation, insomnia, nausea, irritability, memory loss and confusion.


How can you minimize the disruption to your body clock?

Getting your body used to the destination time zone before you travel may eliminate or at least reduce jet lag.


How can you get used to the destination time zone before travelling without getting jet lag at home?

Change your daily routine by half an hour every day so that your body can adjust slowly and help you to avoid jet lag when you arrive at your destination.


What sort of foods make you sleepy?

Avoid eating heavy meals on the plane, especially one that is high in carbohydrates, since they make you sleepy.


What sort of beverage should you avoid on the plane?

Avoid alcohol as it makes you drowsy and dehydrated, which are the last things you need when trying to beat jet lag.


What should you do before flying?

Wear yourself out before flying by exercising or doing other forms of physical activity, so that you are tired enough to fall asleep when you get to your destination.


In which institution do they teach the importance of carrying water with you?

The military teaches the importance of drinking water to their new recruits. Soldiers have to carry a water canteen with them at all times.


In cases of severe dehydration, how are fluids replaced?

In severe cases of dehydration you will have to have fluids replaced intravenously in a hospital. Avoid this by drinking a lot of water on the plane, since people tend to get dehydrated while flying.


What is the best drink for preventing dehydration?

Water is the best drink for rehydrating. Sugary drinks can worsen dehydration.


To beat jet lag, when should you arrive at your destination?

If you have the time, try to arrive a day early to give your body a chance to rest and adjust.


Which hormone regulates sleep?

Melatonin is the hormone that regulates sleep in the body. You can get melatonin supplements when you travel to trick your body into sleeping at certain times and help you adjust to the time zone.


How can you prepare yourself for managing jet lag?

Education is the best preparation. Learn how to manage jet lag and use the techniques you learn to help your body to adjust smoothly.


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