Quiz: Fact or Fiction: Fight It Out!
Fact or Fiction: Fight It Out!
By: Staff
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Today we shall see if all that training, gaming and movie watching have paid off. Can you tell the difference between real martial arts maneuvers and fictional ones? In this quiz, you shall face both. Fight!

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Your opponent is crafty. He dodges your first blow and attacks with the two-finger eye strike! Is this martial arts maneuver fact, fiction or almost fact?
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You manage to send your opponent sprawling on his next attack. The time is right to attack with the hadouken! Is it real?
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Your opponent manages to trip you. You suddenly realize that he is going for the dreaded Boston crab! React, student!
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After that fiasco with the Boston crab, chance smiles on you. As you both scramble for purchase on the ground, you wrap your legs around your opponent! Should you use the gogoplata?
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Your attempts to apply submission holds have proved ineffective. You and your opponent scramble back to your feet. You block his weak kick. He deflects your palm strike. Then, out of nowhere, he attempts to use the Shaolin Buddha finger! How real is this move?
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Now it is your turn to strike! Your next choice is the shadow kick -- is it fact, fiction or almost fact?
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The fight is nearing its end. Are you winded? Well, think fast because your opponent is going for the bakurikimaha!
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Winded, you and your opponent trade punches and kicks once more -- but then he stumbles and falls flat on his stomach! Should you attempt to pin him down in the straddle of the fish?
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As you move in once more, your opponent drops to one knee and attempts to use monkey steals the peach. Fact, fiction or almost fact?
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You are both sore, bleeding and gasping for breath. One move could make all the difference! Dare you attempt the La Magistral Cradle? Make your final move! Fact, fiction or almost fact?
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