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Without the eye of a physician it can be difficult to guess the rash. But by the time we're adults we've seen a lot of rashes. Test your rash IQ this quiz about fifth disease, one of the most common rashes among kids and teens.

True or false: Fifth disease is caused by a fungal infection.

False. Fifth disease is caused by a virus, not a fungus.


What virus causes fifth disease?

Parvovirus infection causes fifth disease.


In addition to fifth disease, what other names is parvovirus infection known as?

Fifth disease is also called slapped cheek disease.


Which of the following is not a disease with traits similar to a parvovirus infection?

Fifth disease looks a lot like Dukes' disease, rubella, scarlet fever, and measles.


How many people have had parvovirus infection?

It's estimated that about 40 to 60 percent of people have had the infection.


Which is not a symptom of fifth disease?

These are all symptoms of fifth disease.


Why is fifth disease known as slapped cheek disease?

Fifth disease's hallmark is a red rash on the cheeks, as if your face has been slapped.


True or false: Fifth disease is contagious.

True. Fifth disease is contagious, but only in the days before the rash appears.


Which is not a treatment for fifth disease?

Antibiotics are not used to treat fifth disease, which is caused by a viral not a bacterial infection.


Which is not a symptom of parvovirus infection in adults?

While parvovirus causes a red rash, it does not cause blisters.


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