Pick Your Favorite Disney Movies and We'll Reveal Which Disney Character You're Most Like

By: Khadija Leon
Image: Walt Disney Pictures

About This Quiz

Throughout the history of the company's existence, Disney has created over 700 films, many of which were box office hits. These movies, even though they were set in fictional and magical places, have situations which we have gone through and characters which everyone can relate to. There are even movies which are specific to the different seasons, as well as the many holidays of the year. Many are comedies, but many include tragic scenes as well.

Some of the most iconic Disney movies include "Cinderella," "Alice in Wonderland," "Lady and the Tramp," "101 Dalmatians," "Bambi," "The Jungle Book," "Moana," "Hercules," "Frozen," "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," "The Little Mermaid," "Aladdin," "The Lion King" and "Beauty and the Beast" - and those are just the animated films. 

Would you like to know which Disney character you are like? Well, all you have to do in order to find out is tell us what your favorite Disney movies are, from the classics all the way up to the current period, which is the revival era. Will you most resemble a character that you like best? There is only one way to find out! Gather up your Disney trinkets and let's get started!

How many Disney movies do you think you have seen?

Which of these was one of the first Disney movies that you saw?

Which of these movies did you grow up watching?

Which of these new release movies are you most excited to see?

Which of these movies is your favorite prince in?

Which of these movies would you add to your pre-existing movie collection?

Which of these Disney-Pixar films have you seen multiple times?

Which of these movies would you never get bored of?

Which of these films do you know most of the words to?

The princess with the most style is from which movie?

Which of these live-action films did the animated film justice?

Your favorite sidekick came from which movie?

The villain that you dislike least was seen in the movie…

The Disney parents who remind you of your own came from which film?

Which of these movies does your favorite song come from?

Which of these movies did your favorite cat or cats come from?

Which film features your favorite dog or dogs?

What movie did your crush come from?

Your favorite dynamic duo came from…

Your favorite robot was in which film?

IWhich of these movies would you like to star in?

Which of these movies makes you feel like dreams do come true?

Which of these movies made you laugh the most?

Which of these movies had you shedding tears?

Which of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies was the best?

Since Disney owns Marvel, choose one to watch this weekend?

Which of these Christmas-themed movies are you looking forward to this holiday season?

The movie that is likely to inspire your Halloween costume is…

Which of these movies wasn’t one of your favorites?

Which of these underrated movies have you seen?

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