Quiz: The Modern Dad: A 21st Century Fatherhood Quiz
The Modern Dad: A 21st Century Fatherhood Quiz
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When it comes to parental relationships, fatherhood has been overshadowed by motherhood during the last 150 years. However, dads are beginning to get their due, especially among academic circles studying how these men function within family dynamics and contribute to child development. Test your databank of dad knowledge with this 21st Century Fatherhood Quiz.

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Who invented Father's Day?
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Which U.S. President made Father's Day a national holiday?
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In 2009, Charles J. Saylor became the first male president of what?
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Which famous researcher referred to fatherhood as a "biological necessity and social accident"?
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What percentage of American children are raised in households without their biological fathers?
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Fathers from which country spend the most time with their children, on average?
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Which of the following famous dads had the most kids?
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In 2008, what percentage of American children younger than 6 years old ate dinner every night with dad?
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Which major historical event institutionalized the family model of father-as-breadwinner and mother-as-caregiver?
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According to a 2009 British survey, men gain how much weight during their partners' pregnancies?
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Which of the following countries offers the most generous paternity leave?
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The U.S. Census Bureau tallied up how many stay-at-home dads in 2008?
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In February 2012, news broke that which World War II dictator secretly fathered a son with a French teenager?
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Considering that there are 85 million mothers in the United States, how many American dads are out there?
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As of 2007, what percent of working mothers earned more income than their husbands?
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Modern dads are giving out more what to their kids these days?
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According to 2010 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, working moms spend how much more time than working dads taking care of kids every day?
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True or false: Fathers prefer to have sons.
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What percentage of American dads wish they could spend more time with their kids?
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True or false: Sports are the primary father-child activity.
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