Quiz: What fashion era are you from?
What fashion era are you from?
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Have you ever wondered why you have more in common with your parents' or even grandparents' fashion tastes than those of your peers? Take this quiz to find out which fashion era you fit into.

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If you have a love for hats, peplum and ultra-feminine silhouettes, you're influenced most by which decade?
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You can't wait for summer so you can break out your trusty pedal pushers. What decade made these pants iconic?
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If you like to wear large, collared shirts in bold prints and colors, what decade are you most inspired by?
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If you're a girl who's comfortable wearing a miniskirt one day and a maxi-dress the next, what decade are you inspired by?
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You still love your leather jacket, T-shirt and jeans, a la James Dean. What decade would you feel coolest in?
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Your hemline is mini and your look is mod, including bright colors, loud patterns and go-go boots. What decade speaks to you the most?
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Your oversized plaid shirts and combat boots scream Seattle grunge. What decade (and its music) still inspires you?
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If a tailored, three-piece suit is your daily attire (by choice), you would fit right in to what decade?
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You know where a cloche is worn, and dressing as a flapper girl for a night on the town is your signature style. What decade most inspires you?
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A colorful Hawaiian shirt collection is the pride of your wardrobe! During which decade did these breezy tops become popular?
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Even if you're a slave to fashion, you'd be remiss to don this decade's most popular skirt, which was renown for making it extremely difficult for wearers to walk.
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You may have put your leather pants away, but polos and khakis have been a staple of your fashion sense since which decade?
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You still rock skinny jeans and maxi dresses, worn with wedge sandals and oversized sunglasses. Which decade keeps you looking good?
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You love clothing with ruffles, lace trim, an empire waist, deep colors and elegant styling. What decade originated these clothing accents?
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Knickerbockers aren't just the name of a basketball team to you! You like to wear these unique shorts that were popular during which decade?
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If your wardrobe is all about leggings, tunics and a ridiculous amount of accessories, what decade are you still living in?
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Are you a guy who lives in skinny jeans or tailored suits paired with hoodie sweatshirts and high tops? You may be a hipster who's most moved by which decade?
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You're a lady whose style is minimalist and sleek, with a lot of designer labels in your closet. What decade do you take fashion cues from?
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Suits with suspenders fill your closet. What decade's fashions do you most admire?
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You're not afraid to wear a turtleneck or a Nehru jacket. What decade brought these fashion trends to men?
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