Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: Famous Pirates Quiz
Test Your Knowledge: Famous Pirates Quiz
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When the seas were wild and untamed, criminally-minded sailors terrorized ships and cities the world over. How much do you know about these famous pirates?

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What was the pirate name for John Roberts, who captured hundreds of ships in the early 1700s?
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What was John Rackam's pirate name?
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How was Calico Jack finally apprehended by a pirate hunter?
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Black Caesar operated with which other well-known pirate?
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Who was also known as the "Rhode Island Pirate?"
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What was the pirate nickname for Edward Teach?
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What does "barbarossa" mean in English?
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How did Aruj (the eldest Barbarossa brother) lose an arm?
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How many ships might have belonged to the pirate named Cheung Po Tsai?
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Blackbeard was famous for eschewing what sort of behavior?
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How many ships did the Barbarossa Brothers capture in a single month in 1512?
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Which man was often called "The Gentleman Pirate?"
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How did Blackbeard manage to get within striking distance of the ships that he attacked?
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In the 1600s, which country deemed Francis Drake a pirate?
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In addition to raiding many towns and enslaving many people, for what feat is Francis Drake known?
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In 1695, Henry Every raided a ship and took treasure that would be worth about how much in today's dollars?
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Why did Blackbeard ignite substances hidden under his hat?
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Anne Bonny fought like a man and joined in with which well-known pirate?
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"Sea Dogs" were basically a pirate group authorized by the government of which country?
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What happened to the Sea Dogs once Spain and England made peace?
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Which pirate created the Black Fleet, ships painted black with red sails?
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Why did the Lioness of Brittany prey on only French ships, often killing almost everyone onboard?
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Which pirate was know to strangle victims with so much force that their eyes would pop out of their heads?
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After they killed him, what did attackers do to Blackbeard?
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Benjamin Hornigold was a pirate who was pardoned in exchange for hunting which other pirate?
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Which pirate was known as the "Bane of the Spanish?"
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Ching Shih, a female pirate in the early 1800s, may have commanded how many pirates?
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Which famous pirate may not have been a pirate?
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How did Ching Shih's career of piracy come to an end?
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