Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: Famous Hiking Trails Quiz
Test Your Knowledge: Famous Hiking Trails Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

There are thousands of hiking trails worldwide, ranging in difficulty from kid-appropriate to downright dangerous. Indeed, once someone gets bit by the hiking bug, it’s simply a matter of time before they make plans to hit any or all of the world’s most famous hiking trails. To avoid catastrophe, however, even the most experienced of hikers needs to go out prepared with gear like appropriate footwear, a map, compass, first-aid kit, knife, water and more. There are some huge elevation and weather changes along many of these paths, and failure to prepare can spell disaster!

Hiking is all about enjoying the great outdoors and communing with nature, but there’s still plenty of effort involved. Many of these trails are pristine examples of natural beauty, so make sure to keep it that way by taking all of your trash (even biodegradable food and other items) with you on your way out. This is called “packing out” and it’s very important to maintaining the area’s ecosystem.

Also take care to practice good hiking etiquette. When you have to use the outdoor bathroom make sure to do so a minimum of 200 feet from water sources and trails (no one wants to walk up on that). Keep all pets on a leash and be mindful of other hikers and their experience —  don’t be super loud, don’t take up the entire trail, let them pass, and so on.

These long and winding paths cross some of the most gorgeous land ever seen by human eyes. How much do you know about Earth's famous hiking trails? Take this quiz and find out!

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Which country has the longest interconnected web of recreational trails?
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What is the highest altitude of the Great Himalaya Trail?
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How many discrete sections make up the 3,700-mile Grand Italian Trail?
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How long is the Pacific Coast Trail?
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In what year was the Pacific Coast Trail completed?
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The 500-mile Baker Historical Trail is the longest trail on which continent?
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If you hike the GR 11 in Spain, you'll have to carry enough provisions for about how many days at a time?
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Approximately how long would it take a hiker to complete the Grand Italian Trail?
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Which trail is NOT part of the Triple Crown trail system in the United States?
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Of the three trails in the Triple Crown of Hiking, which is the shortest?
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Where is the Baekdu-Daegan Trail?
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Roughly how many people attempt to walk the entire Continental Divide Trail each year?
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The famous Narrows trail is found in which American national park?
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About how many steps would it take an average hiker to complete the entire Appalachian Trail?
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Where is the South West Coast Path?
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In which country is the Te Araroa trail?
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What does "Te Araroa" mean in English?
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If a hiker walks the entire Appalachian Trail, about how much elevation would he or she gain?
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What year was the first that a hiker finished the entire American Discovery Trail?
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Through how many states does the American Discovery Trail pass?
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How many times does the Nordkalottleen-Artic Trail cross international borders?
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How long did it take Matthew Hazley to walk all three Triple Crown trails back-to-back in 2005?
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In miles, how long is the Colorado Trail?
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How long did it take Scott Jurek to run the entire Appalachian Trail in 2015?
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About how long does it take winners of the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc footrace to complete the entire 110 miles?
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What is the average altitude of the "low" route on the Great Himalaya Trail?
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About long does it take to complete each section of the Via Alpina?
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Through how many countries does The Sultan's Trail pass?
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About how long does it take thru-hikers to complete the entire Continental Divide Trail?
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Some hikers say Bhutan's Snowman Trek is the hardest in the world. How many mountain passes does it cross?
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