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Today’s pro golfers not only earn huge purses for wins, but the best also land instant celebrity status that rivals starlets and socialites, not to mention big, fat paychecks. Tiger Woods, arguably the greatest to play the game, had earned a stunning $1.37 billion as of 2015. However, only 10 percent of his fortune is from actually winning tournaments; sponsorships and endorsements land him the truly big bucks! But the influence of famous golfers is far from just financial. In fact, at the peak point of Woods’ popularity in the late 2000s, 2.4 million people in a year were inspired to start playing the game.

Nowadays, golf can make a person famous, but the original golfers were actually celebs first. King James IV, King James VI and Mary Queen of Scots are just a few of the royal golf-lovers, an irony since the sport was once banned in Scotland because it took away time from archery practice, considered necessary to national defense. Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about any such restrictions today, although the sport is considered by some to be expensive to the point of being exclusive. Still, these days it seems like you don’t even have to play the sport to be interested in its athletes. Indeed, public fascination with golfers doesn't end when they leave the course, and the top golfers find themselves in the news as much as other sports stars. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the lives and games of some of golf's best players.

Which legendary golfer is also known as "The King"?

Arnold Palmer, whose fans are known as "Arnie's Army," is such a golf legend that he earned the nickname "The King."


How many majors did Arnold Palmer win between 1958 and 1964?

Palmer won seven majors in just six years, including four Masters Tournaments and two Opens.


How many titles did Palmer win throughout his career?

Palmer won 92 titles over his long career, and in 1968 he became the first golfer to exceed a million dollars in total winnings.


Which golfer is nicknamed "The Golden Bear"?

Golfer Jack Nicklaus, "The Golden Bear," turned pro in 1961.


What year did Jack Nicklaus win his first Masters?

Nicklaus won his first Masters in 1968 and also won the PGA Championship that same year.


What year was Nicklaus elected to the Hall of Fame?

Nicklaus was elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974 but continued playing and winning through 1980.


How old was Tiger Woods when he won his first Masters?

Woods was just 21 years old when he won his first Masters in 1997. He was both the youngest man and the first African-American to win the U.S. Masters.


What is Tiger's real first name?

Tiger was born "Eldrick Tont Woods," named after a soldier friend of his father.


True or false: Tiger has won more majors than any other golfer.

With 14 major wins through 2016, Tiger ranks second behind Jack Nicklaus.


True or false: Phil Mickelson started golf at a relatively late age.

Mickelson got such an early start in golf that he ran away from home to visit a golf course on his own at age 3.


What college did Phil Mickelson attend?

While at Arizona State, Mickelson won three individual NCAA championships and picked up numerous collegiate awards.


True or false: Phil Mickelson is a lefty.

In 1990 Mickelson became the first left-handed golfer in history to win the U.S. amateur title.


How old was Michelle Wie the first time she competed with men in a PGA tour event?

Wie was just 14 years old in 2004 when she become the youngest woman to compete with the men. Ten years later she picked up her first major win.


Which golfer is known as "Ms. 59"?

Annika Sorenstam is the first woman to break 60 in an official event, earning her the nickname "Ms. 59."


What lifetime earnings benchmark was Sorenstam the first female golfer to breach?

Sorenstam was the first female golfer to break $20 million in lifetime earnings.


What is Sam Snead's nickname?

Better known as "Slammin' Sam," Snead was born near the Blue Ridge Parkway in Ashwood, Virginia.


Who was the first president of the LPGA?

Berg won more than 80 tournaments throughout her career.


What company was Berg's longtime sponsor?

Patty Berg was one of the first female golfers to earn a major sponsorship. She represented Wilson Sporting Goods for many years.


How many majors did Bobby Jones win?

Jones won 15 majors, including four U.S. Opens, throughout his epic career.


True or false: Bobby Jones never earned any money as a golfer.

Jones retired at age 29 having never earned a penny from his impressive golfing skills.


Where does golfer Karrie Webb hail from?

Aussie Karrie Webb was born in 1974 and started golfing at age 8.


What was golfer Ben Hogan's nickname?

Hogan was nicknamed "Bantam Ben" for his short stature and aggressive play style.


What was Mildred Zaharias better known as?

Zaharias earned the nickname "Babe" after scoring five home runs in a single baseball game as a child.


What sport earned Zaharias a medal at the Olympics?

Babe Zaharias picked up two gold medals in track and field — no, not golf — at the 1932 Games.


Who was the first golfer to receive the Frances Ouimet Award for her lifelong contribution to golf?

Golfer Nancy Lopez picked up this prestigious honor in 2004.


Which golfer is known as "The Black Knight"?

Gary Player, who is also a renowned golf course architect, earned the nickname "The Black Knight" during his time in the sport.


Where does Gary Player hail from?

Player is a South African native and the only golfer to win the British Open in three different decades.


Which golfer beat legend Babe Zaharias by 14 strokes at the 1949 Women's Open?

Suggs beat Zaharias by a whopping 14 strokes, a margin of victory that stood as a tournament record all the way until 1986.


What caused Louise Suggs to quit the sport?

Suggs quit the sport in her prime after she was fined for not playing in a tournament in 1962.


What year did Byron Nelson score 11 tournament victories in a row?

Nelson not only won 11 tournaments in a row in 1945, but also had 19 consecutive rounds under 70.


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