Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: Famous Found Treasures Quiz
Test Your Knowledge: Famous Found Treasures Quiz
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Humans stash (or lose) their loot in all sorts of weird ways, leaving other people to speculate on those riches. How much do you know about these famous treasures?

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In which country is the legendary city of Paititi, which is supposedly home to an entire civilization's gold?
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How old was the Uluburun shipwreck, which was found in 1982?
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How many individual items were found in the Cuerdale Hoard?
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How much of the Cuerdale Hoard was given to the workers who unearthed it?
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What treasure did a Bedouin shepherd find in 1947?
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How long did it take to find the San Jose, a Spanish galleon loaded with treasures that could be worth billions of dollars?
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Where was the Saddle Ridge Hoard found?
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How many gold pieces were found in the Saddle Ridge Hoard?
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What was farmer Peter Whatling looking for when he found the Hoxne Hoard in 1992?
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In today's dollars, about how much would the Hoxne Hoard be worth?
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How many ships were in the Spanish Treasure Fleet that sank in 1715 off the coast of Florida?
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What is the approximate value of the treasures found in the Padmanabhaswamy Temple in India, even though there is still one unexplored vault?
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Why has India's famed Vault B remained sealed even though it is thought to contain ancient treasure?
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What happened to the Spanish Treasure Fleet after it set sail for Spain?
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In 1857, the S.S. Central America was loaded with gold. How did it sink?
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What was the weight of the biggest gold ingot found in the shipwreck of the S.S. Central America?
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Why did the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet leave Florida for Spain when captains knew hurricane season was brewing?
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On the coast of which country was the famous Diamond Shipwreck found?
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The Diamond Shipwreck was loaded with 22 tons of ingots made of what material?
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How long did treasure hunter Mel Fisher search for the Nuestra Senora de Atocha before locating the wrecked ship?
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How big is the largest diamond in the lost Patiala Necklace, which disappeared in 1948?
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The SS Gairsoppa was loaded with silver when it was sunk by the navy of which country?
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Why did mobster Arthur Flegenheimer bury much of his ill-gotten fortune in the Catskill mountains?
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The Whydah Gally was captured by which famous pirate?
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In 1216, how were King John's Crown Jewels lost?
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How did the 200-year-old Amber Room (made of amber and gold) become lost to history in the 1940s?
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In the 2000s, what was the name of a secret project to retrieve treasure from a wrecked 1804 Spanish frigate?
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What happened to the treasures found by the Black Swan Project?
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In the late 1980s, why did an art collector named Forrest Fenn bury treasure in the Rocky Mountains?
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Where is the supposed location of the rumored "Lost Dutchman" gold mine from the 1840s?
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