Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: Airports Quiz
Test Your Knowledge: Airports Quiz
By: Staff
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Airports are the weird in-between places where humans wander during their journeys. How much do you know about the world's airports?

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Which American airport has the most travelers per year?
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Which airport has a nine-hole golf course?
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In which country is the Suvarnabhumi Airport?
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Which city has the fourth busiest airport in the world?
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In terms of total passengers, where does Dallas/Fort Worth International rank?
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Which airport has a receptacle for unused marijuana?
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How many passengers traveled through Atlanta's airport in 2015?
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At peak times, how many flights per hour can the Hong Kong airport handle?
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In which country is the airport that was originally named Yesilkoy Airport?
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Which airport has a coat check facility in the event that you are heading to a warm location?
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How many gates are there at Pittsburgh International Airport?
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Which country has an airport built on an artificial island?
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How long is the runway at Juancho E Yrausquin Airport?
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Which airport has a runway intersecting with a major highway?
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In which country is the Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport?
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In what year was London Heathrow first opened as an airfield?
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Which country is the only one with an airport featuring a beach runway with regularly scheduled traffic?
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Which airport handled the most international traffic in 2015?
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In what year did the number of passengers at McCarran International (Las Vegas) plummet?
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How many terminals are there at Charles de Gaulle airport?
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Where will you find the world's tallest air-traffic control tower?
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Why were all flights at London Heathrow suspended for nearly a week in April 2010?
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What's the world's biggest air cargo hub?
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In which city is the busiest Canadian airport?
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To how many countries can you fly from the Munich Airport?
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Which airport has more international destinations than any other?
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What's in the middle of the airstrip at Courchevel International?
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