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It's not easy to raise a family on a budget. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of money saving ideas and strategies that keep the family happy.

What does an energy audit provide?

An energy audit will both identify and provide solutions to energy-draining household sources that waste money.


What money-saving designation should you look for when buying a new appliance?

ENERGY STAR designated appliances save energy--and money--over the products' lifetime.


How much money does a CFL lightbulb save over the course of its use?

CFL lightbulbs can save up to $40 in electricity costs over a regular lightbulb.


How much money will you save by lowering your thermostat ten degrees every night?

Lowering your house's temperature ten degrees for eight hours a day will save you 10 percent in energy costs.


What's another good reason to carpool besides just saving gas?

Not only does carpooling provide company and money savings, but it also bolsters the economy by adding money to economic returns.


What's one drawback of extreme couponing?

Although extreme couponing might techincally save you money, keep in mind that you might be buying items that aren't best for your family (and too much of them, at that).


How do online swap sites work?

Online swaps allow you to list items you'd like to swap and items you'd like to have. All you have to pay for is shipping and receiving.


How soon can you get evicted from your apartment for not paying your rent?

Generally, you can be evicted for missing one month's rent.


What are some consequences of a bad credit rating for your family?

Not only will bad credit ratings mean higher interest rates and an unwillingness for banks to loan to you, it will also impact the economy by contributing to negative economic factors.


Instead of buying expensive household cleaners, what common items in your pantry can you use?

Items such as vinegar and baking soda can both be used to make simple, homemade cleaners.


What do Americans annually spend roughly $8,300 per person on?

Healthcare and related costs amount to an average of $8,300 per person a year for American families.


What healthcare services can you receive at a free or reduced price from drugstores or clinics?

Vaccines and flu shots are commonly offered at low prices outside a doctor's office.


What food can you easily grow in an apartment or small space?

Tomatoes, onions, herbs and many root vegetables will thrive in a sunny, indoor planter.


How much does an average family of four spend at a fast food restaurant?

An average family of four spends about $28 at a fast food restaurant.


How much does a homemade roasted chicken, vegetables, salad and milk for four to six people save, compared to the $28 average cost of a fast food trip for a family of four?

The average cost of the meal described is roughly $14, saving you about $14.


What's one trick for getting the most out of grocery coupons?

By waiting a month to use the coupons, the overstock will often be discounted, allowing you to snag even better deals.


What weekly task will allow you to cut down your grocery bill?

Planning meals ahead and shopping a week at a time will cut down on impulse trips and items.


What's a cheap way to entertain the whole family?

Many museums offer free admission on certain days; check out the free activities they offer for youngsters while you take a quiet stroll through the exhibits.


Where can you find cheap chidcare?

There's nothing cheaper than free! By setting up a child-care swap with another family, you're getting out of the house at no cost.


What service does the public library charge you for?

Books, magazines, DVDs, Internert -- they'reall free at the library, so go crazy!


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