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Peter, Lois, Chris, Stewie, Brian and … what's her name? Oh, right, Meg. On the air, off the air, back on the air — "Family Guy" is the twisted little cartoon that could. How much do you know about the residents of Quahog?

As of 2015, how many seasons of "Family Guy" have aired?

"Family Guy" has been on the air for 15 seasons. It started in 1999 on Fox, was cancelled in 2002, then revived again in 2005.


How old is Quagmire?

According to his driver's license, Glenn Quagmire is 61. The gang discovers this in the episode "FOX-y Lady" in Season 7. He claims the secret to his youthful appearance is carrots.


What is Peter's all-time favorite song?

In Season 1, Peter gets his hands on "Surfin' Bird" by the Trashmen and drives the entire family insane. Brian and Stewie make it their mission to destroy every copy of the record they can find.


"Family Guy" was the first animated show to be nominated for an Emmy since:

No animated series had been nominated for an Emmy (outstanding comedy) since 1961. The Flintstones held this honor until 2009, when "Family Guy" was nominated.


Stewie starts working out at the gym after he gets beat up by:

After Joe's infant daughter Susie beats him up, Stewie joins a gym to get buff. He soon gets hooked on steroids.


What movie serial killer is Chris' voice based on?

Chris' voice is based on the voice of Buffalo Bill, the killer from the movie "Silence of the Lambs." Seth Green, who voices Chris, did the croaky voice at the audition and it worked.


When Peter finds out his house isn't part of the United States, what does he name his property?

After declaring his house the new country Petoria, Peter annexes Joe's pool (Joehio), starts a war called Operation Desert Clam, loses electricity and water, is threatened by the U.S. military, and eventually repatriates.


What magazine lauded the character Brian in 2009?

In 2009, High Times magazine named Brian "Stoner of the Year." This is most likely due to the episode entitled "420" where Brian performs the song "A Bag o' Weed." We're just guessing.


In "A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas," what band's Christmas special does Peter insist on watching?

All Peter wants to do during the Christmas season is stay home and watch Christmas specials. His favorite is "KISS Saves Santa," where the makeup-wearing band saves Santa from bandits with their guitars.


What actress from "Mean Girls" was originally the voice of Meg?

Meg Griffin was originally voiced by Lacey Chabert, aka Gretchen Wieners from the movie "Mean Girls." She was replaced by Mila Kunis after her contract expired at the end of Season 1.


What reality show does Brian go on?

Brian appears on "The Bachelorette" and ends up falling in love with the star, Brooke. She gives him the final rose, but later breaks up with him.


Peter has a long history of violence with a chicken. What is its name?

The giant chicken Peter often fights with is named Ernie. The fights are usually over expired coupons.


In what country does Peter's real father live?

When Peter finds out his real father lives in Ireland, he travels there to meet him. Finding out he's the town drunk, he challenges his dad to a drinking contest and wins.


Who played R2-D2 in "Family Guy's" parody of "Star Wars?"

"Family Guy" parodied "Star Wars" (with the blessing of George Lucas), and Cleveland Brown played the diminutive robot, R2-D2. Stewie, of course, was Darth Vader.


Peter changed Meg's name on her birth certificate from Megan to:

Peter wrote over Meg's name on her birth certificate to make "Megan" read "Megatron," a character from the "Transformers" movies.


What disgraced sports star does Peter win a golf outing with?

After cashing in a raffle ticket from 1989, Peter wins a golf outing with O.J. Simpson. The two become friends, but the rest of Quahog isn't so welcoming to The Juice.


What is the name of Stewie's teddy bear?

Rupert, Stewie's beloved teddy bear, was once accidentally sold at a yard sale. Stewie and Brian set off on a trip to rescue him.


Brian's TV pilot is cast and produced, only to be sabotaged by actor:

Brian's original TV drama, "What I Learned on Jefferson Street," eventually ends up a sitcom called "Class Holes!" starring James Woods and a chimpanzee.


What is Peter's middle name?

Peter's full name is Peter Löwenbräu Griffin.


What sport does Lois reluctantly take up during Season 9?

Peter volunteers Lois for a boxing match, and she finds out she's a great pugilist. Turns out she's so good because she's been picturing Peter's face on her opponents.


What kind of dog is Brian?

Brian is a Labrador retriever and was born part of a litter of five in a puppy mill.


What classic rock band's album cover completely traumatizes Stewie?

While going through Peter's albums looking for some to sell, Stewie finds Queen's "News of the World" album and is terrified by the humanoid-looking robot on the cover.


Which character's house is repeatedly destroyed in a running gag?

Cleveland's house has been destroyed at least 10 times on "Family Guy." Each time, he falls out of the second floor while taking a bath.


The episode where Mayor West is put on trial for murder is a parody of the film:

Mayor West goes on trial for murder in the episode "12 and a Half Angry Men," a parody of the film "12 Angry Men." Brian convinces the jury that West is not guilty.


How long was Joe's wife Bonnie pregnant on the show?

Bonnie doesn't give birth until Season 7, making her pregnant for six entire years. Peter even references it in Season 6, remarking she's been pregnant for six years.


When Peter discovers he has a vestigial conjoined twin in his neck, what does he name it?

Although things start off great, Peter's twin Chip soon starts getting on his nerves, and Peter gets surgery to have him removed. Chip leaves town to start a new life on his own.


What organization often votes "Family Guy" its "Worst TV Show of the Week?"

The Parents Television Council has voted Family Guy" the "Worst TV Show of the Week" an impressive 44 times.


What kind of cosmetic surgery does Brian get?

After getting new improved teeth, Brian lands a job as a real estate agent. When he tries to trick Quagmire into a bad deal, Quagmire knocks them all out.


How many children do neighbors Joe and Bonnie Swanson have?

Joe and Bonnie actually have two children. One is their baby Susie, and the other is son Kevin, a soldier in Iraq. Kevin was seen in the beginning of the series and later died in the war. It was revealed later he faked his own death.


Although generally believed to be gay, what is the name of the girl Stewie marries for a brief time?

Stewie marries his fellow actor and old friend Olivia in Season 5. The marriage does not end happily, with Olivia cheating and Stewie setting their house on fire.


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