Quiz: Fact or Fiction: HDTV
Fact or Fiction: HDTV
By: Staff
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Even if you own a high-definition television, you might not be exactly sure how it works or how to optimize your viewing experience. This quiz won't tell you what HDTV is best for you, but it might help you sort out some of the mystery.

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HDTV prices are expected to rise when all channels have finally converted to HD.
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If you have black bars on either side of your HDTV picture, it's because you didn't set up the TV correctly.
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The smallest LCD HDTV on the market is 17 inches.
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The smallest available plasma screen is 42 inches.
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The best connection for your HDTV is an HDMI cable.
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You should never fool with the factory settings on your HDTV.
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LG makes a diamond-studded HDTV that costs $1 million.
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Sharp offers a 108-inch HDTV.
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