Quiz: Quiz: Fabric Care 101
Quiz: Fabric Care 101
By: Staff
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Do you know how to properly care for all of the different fabrics in your home? Take our quiz to find out.

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What kind of iron should you use on cotton clothing?
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High thread count sheets should be washed on what setting?
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What is the secret to avoiding matting on a fleece pullover?
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Linen is a tricky fabric -- what's the best way to clean it?
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Dry cleaning is one option for polyester, but it can also be washed in what kind of water?
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Rayon is best dry cleaned, but in a pinch, you can do what to clean it?
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True or false: Cotton sheets should never be bleached?
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What should you never do with a stain?
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Care labels should be?
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Down comforters should be washed how?
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What government body requires care labels on all clothing?
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True or false: All stains can be removed.
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What should you never use on Lycra?
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What kind of water should be used to clean Spandex?
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Although suede should usually be dry cleaned, what kind of cycle can you use for a machine wash?
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How often should you wash a wool blanket?
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True or false: Preshrunk clothes will never shrink again?
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