Which Combo Of Disney Princesses Are You?

Kennita Leon

Image: Walt Disney Pictures

About This Quiz

Sometimes it's easy to say we're like a specific character. But there are a few of us who don't just fit into one box: we're so multi-faceted that we're a combination of two characters. Those people, aka you, are our inspiration for this here quiz, and quite a few others if you explore this How Stuff Works page. We want to know what combination of characters you are, but Disney style. We want to know which two Disney princesses you're a combination of. Sound like a deal? 

Are you a combination of two characters who could be absolute best friends because they have so much in common, like Moana and Merida? Both of these girls are defiant and brave and would do anything for their villages. Are you a combination of two characters who are equally as similar as they are different like Jasmine and Tiana? Or are you a combination two characters who are complete opposites like Pocahontas and Aurora? The only way for you to find out is to take our quiz. 

We know you're as curious as we are to know which two princesses you're a combination of. So let's stop dilly-dallying and get to this quiz! 

Which Disney princess is your favorite?

And which prince is the cutest?

Which quality do you admire most in a Disney prince?

Which of the princesses had the best outfits?

Which Disney parent gave the best advice?

Which of these movies did you enjoy the most?

And which sidekick would you bring on a trip with you?

Which of these Disney characters would be the best man at your wedding?

Which magical Disney being would you want to have your back?

Where would you make your home if you were a Disney character?

Which villain was the most despicable?

Which song always gets you to sing?

When it comes to live action characters, who is your favorite?

There are so many upcoming Disney live action remakes on the way. Which one are you most excited to see?

Pixar is a subsidiary of Disney. Which of their movies is the best?

What were you like when you were younger?

What was your favorite sport in high school?

What did you study in college?

Which of these jobs would you be best at?

If you could quit your job tomorrow, would you?

What's your favorite Friday night activity?

What's your favorite Saturday morning breakfast food?

And what's your favorite lazy Sunday pastime?

Where do you find yourself singing most of the time?

Which word best describes your style?

Who do you live with?

Which of these beautiful locations would you love to travel to?

How do you usually get around?

How happy are you right this second?

If one thing could make you smile right now, which of these would it be?

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