Quiz: Everyone Is a Combination of Two Heavy Metal Bands — Here's Yours
Everyone Is a Combination of Two Heavy Metal Bands — Here's Yours
By: Teresa M.
Image: Stefan Bollmann

About This Quiz

Many people argue that Heavy Metal is traced back to Black Sabbath, but some out there think Led Zeppelin kicked things off. Instead of pitting your loves against one another, let us tell you which combination of Metal bands you are. All you have to do is tell us about your love of music and the way you live your life!

Modern day bands like Mastodon and Electric Wizard keep the heavy grooves coming. If you know your Metal as well as we think you do, it should be easy for us to tell if you are a modern combination or a classic combination. Although, some of you true metalheads are probably a balanced mixture of both.

In order to find out which Heavy Metal combination keeps your horns flying throughout your days, we will need to learn about the songs that give you the feels and the ones that make you want to party. You're never too old for a little headbanging, so we will try to offer up a little something for everyone. 

Pop the top on a 12-ounce curl and get the headphones ready! By the time we're done, you'll have a Heavy Metal combination to brag to all your friends about? Let's rock!

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