Which Countries Are Calling You for Adventure?

Olivia Cantor

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About This Quiz

This one's for the travel junkies out there, whether you're a current one or a wannabe. It's just the same, because each of our personalities has their own kind of travel temperament, where your body and soul seem to be itching to go to a certain place, country, or continent. Can't wait to ride a plane and land on a new destination but you're unsure of where to go? Let this personality quiz give you some clues.

Roll out the maps, because it's time to see where your kind of tourist personality will land you on earth. Since there are many countries out there, there are also many cultures, cuisines, climates, and conditions. All of these things have to be taken into consideration when one wants to travel for leisure. After all, you've been saving up money and will be giving it time, so it better deliver good results, right? You don't want to go on a trip of a lifetime only to go home with memories of bad travel experiences. So it's best to see what countries suit you best, even before booking that plane ticket and hotel room.

So, are you ready to discover your own travel temperament? Take the quiz and see which three countries suit you best. Happy trails!

Do you want to go beach-hopping in a tropical island set-up?

Do you like visiting centuries-old castles?

Do you want to visit the Shire set where the "Lord of the Rings" was filmed?

Do you want to look at humanity’s greatest art works stored at The Louvre?

Do you want to see that noodle place where former Pres. Obama and Anthony Bourdain dined?

Do you want to see where the “Gangnam Style” dance craze originated from?

Are you a fan of animé and manga?

Are you curious to see the Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage protected site?

Are you skilled at eating sushi the proper way?

Do you plan to run with the bulls, or see a matador fight?

Do you love sampling dumplings of all sorts?

Do you want to experience shopping at floating markets on rivers?

Do you want to see a kangaroo and a koala, live?

Do you want to visit Angkor Wat where they shot the original "Tomb Raider" film?

Do you want to see awesome glowworms?

Are you curious about Buddhism and Buddhist temples?

Do you want to taste different kinds of kimchi?

Are you curious to climb the Eiffel Tower?

Do you really want to see how cappuccino should be prepared?

Are you a humongous surfing fan?

Do you want to visit a tribe that invented the fire-walking tradition?

Do you like eating tropical delicacies like sticky rice with sweet mangoes?

Do you want to stand on a line dividing a free country and a communist country?

Do you want to visit historical relics and structures like the Colosseum or the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Do you know what a tapas bar is, or what paella is?

Do you want to explore ecotourism trips like going through forests or mangroves?

Do you want to dine in outdoor cafes eating wonderful cheeses, or drink fabulous red wine at every meal?

Are you curious to visit a traditional Chinese teahouse?

Do you want to take a peek at The Vatican?

Are you ever curious of stepping on an island in the South Pacific?

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