Which Egyptian Goddess Perfectly Matches Your Personality?

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The Egyptian gods and goddesses are among one of the most well-known pantheons in the world today - and for a good reason. Who could ever forget the powerful gods like Ra, Set and Anubis and the power they had over Egypt? But they also shared this power with women, sometimes even losing or sacrificing it for their female counterparts. 

Women have been running things since Ancient Egypt (and before), despite men thinking the complete opposite. Just look at how Isis tricked Ra into giving her his secret name! So, we're going to pay tribute to the goddesses who ran it all and kept the men entirely out of the loop while doing it.

Today, we're on a quest to find out which Egyptian goddess you are. All you have to do is answer our questions. And at the end, we'll tell you whether you're Sekhmet, the lioness goddess, Isis, the goddess of magic, Hathor, the goddess of love and joy or Maat, the goddess of justice and truth. If you're curious to see which one you are, go ahead and get started with our questions.

Which city in Ancient Egypt would you want to control?

What would you be the goddess of?

But which element would you want power over?

Which goddess would you NOT want to be?

Which goddess would you align yourself with?

Which god would you marry?

How would your followers please you?

Which natural disaster would follow shortly after someone displeases you?

Which animal would represent you?

Would you be a benevolent goddess?

Which of these gemstones would be synonymous with your name?

Which of these weapons would you bring into battle?

Which food would've been inspired by your greatness?

Which Egyptian statue/monument would have been built in your honor?

Which of these Egyptian-themed movies is your favorite?

What would people speak your name in/out of?

Are you an approachable person?

What do people seem to like about you the most?

What do you think your biggest flaw is?

Are you confrontational?

Are you a forgiving person?

Are you single right now?

What's the most important thing you need in a soulmate?

Would you marry just to further yourself?

How important are your friends to you?

What do you like doing for fun?

What's your favorite season?

Are you a big traveler?

How happy are you at this moment?

What more do you want out of life?

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