Quiz: Which Predator Matches Your Personality?
Which Predator Matches Your Personality?
By: Khadija Leon
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About This Quiz

Predators aren't just sharp-toothed and razor-clawed animals stalking their prey in the wild; they also include the creepy, crawly bugs and insects hiding in the shadows that have their own deadly powers.

Predators use different hunting strategies when going after their prey. The strategies might include chasing, stalking or ambushing their prey, or even recruiting the help of other animals to get the job done. Talk about teamwork! 

Many of these animals have adapted to environments that put them towards the top of the food chain. Some of them can change colors and blend in with their environments, while others have heightened senses of smell or hearing.

These predators exist in every type of terrain across the four corners of the world; from the sharks and killer whales of the Pacific ocean, to the box jellyfish and stonefish of Australia, to the spiders and crocodiles of Central America.

Everyone has a predator that matches their personality, but which one matches yours? Will it be a creature from the depths of the ocean, one that soars in the skies, or will it be one of the predators that walk among us? Take this quiz and see where your killer instincts take you!

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Which of these words describes you?

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Are you more of an introvert or extrovert?

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Which of these animal abilities do you possess?

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Which of the elements are you drawn to?

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Would you say that you are a strong person?

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Are you easily influenced by others?

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How would you finish this line? To get ahead in life, you must…

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Do you get angry easily?

11 of 30
Are you afraid of the dark?

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Which of these jobs suits you?

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Which of these work-related rewards would you like?

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What do you think your most attractive feature is?

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What color hair do you have?

16 of 30
What do you think you will be remembered for?

17 of 30
Where would you ideally build your home?

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What do you like to do when you are in the privacy of your home?

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If you know that your actions will upset someone, you…

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If someone cuts in front of you in line, what do you do?

22 of 30
You make decisions by going with your…

23 of 30
When looking for a mate, you first look at…

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Which of these things are you most likely to wear?

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Which of these sports are you most likely to play?

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What kind of food do you like to eat?

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What time of year do you prefer?

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