Quiz: Which Predator Matches Your Personality?
Which Predator Matches Your Personality?
By: Khadija Leon
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About This Quiz

Apex predators aren't just the sharp-toothed and razor-clawed animals that we hear about hunting in the wild; they also include the creepy crawly bugs and insects hiding in the shadows.

Predators use different hunting strategies when hunting after their prey, some of them including chasing, stalking, ambushing and even recruiting the help of other animals, working in a team setting. 

Many of these animals have adapted to environments that make them the top of the game. Some of them can change colors and blend in with their environments while others have heightened senses.

These predators exist in every type of terrain across the four corners of the world, but the most popular ones include tigers, sharks, crocodiles and alligators, eagles and killer whales. Some of the lesser known ones include the Tsetse fly, the mosquito, the box jellyfish, and the stonefish.

Everyone has a predator that matches their personality, but which one matches yours? Will it be a creature from the depths of the ocean, one that soars in the skies, or will it be one of the predators that walk among us? To find out the answer to those questions and more, you should take this quiz!

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