Can We Guess the Gemstone That Best Matches Your Personality?

Steven Miller

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About This Quiz

Over the years, people have associated a number of characteristics with each of the more popular gemstones. These connections have gained traction over time, and it's now fairly common to have some immediate associations when we bring up a gem like a ruby or a topaz. We'll take these commonly held traits and pair you up with the one that reflects your personality most closely.

For example, if we discover that you are a bit of a homebody and someone who tends to view things in a very practical way, the emerald is going to jump to the top of our list for you. Should you also tell us that you're an excellent cook and you spend a lot of time creating a safe and cozy home environment, we'll be almost completely sure that this is the gem for you.

However, maybe you're a little more adventurous than that. If you're passionate about life and you've got a bunch of different projects going on at the same time, the fiery sapphire could be the one that we've been looking for. When you point out that you also love to travel and most of your intimate relationships have been short, but very exciting, then it sure seems like we're getting warm.

Let's go dig up some treasures.

In general, how would you describe your finances?

Would you consider yourself to be a practical person?

Do you have a security system in your home?

Which of the following would you rather do on a weekend night?

Which ancient element best fits your personality?

How cozy is your home?

How strong are your cooking skills?

How much traveling do you do?

Do you have any issues with anger?

What part of a project are you the best at?

What's the longest relationship you've ever been in?

Which description best matches your love life currently?

Which season matches your personality the best?

What pace do you tend to move at in life?

Of the following colors, which is most prominent in your wardrobe?

How into hugging are you?

Which holiday best fits your personality?

How good are you at talking about your feelings?

Do you have expensive tastes?

Would you say that you're a rare breed?

Do you tend to follow your head, your heart or your gut more?

How good are you at handling pressure?

What's your highest level of education?

Of the following, which game would you rather play?

Where do you usually get your news?

How regularly do people come to you for advice?

What time of the day are you at your best?

Of the following, which Prince song do you like the most?

Are you a deep thinker?

Do people ever accuse you of being cold and distant?

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