Everyone Has a Disney Character That Matches Their Personality — Here's Yours

Zoe Samuel

Image: Walt Disney Pictures

About This Quiz

Disney has been a feature of American and global culture for 100 years. Ever since we first saw Mickey Mouse tapping his feet as he stood at the wheel of a riverboat, our hearts and eyes have been captured by an array of characters who are by turns heroic, villainous, hilarious, heartbreaking, inspiring, and plain silly. Disney's first feature film, "Snow White," released in 1937, began a grand tradition of great stories that expanded into now three generations'-worth of movies, alongside TV, comic books, radio, and of course, Disney's various theme parks.

What's consistent between these various media is that the characters are always the same princesses, knights, weird animal sidekicks, fish, foxes, and dragons that we know and love. This means that wherever we encounter them, they are familiar to us, and sometimes we know them about as well as we know an old friend.

Which of these beloved characters are you most like? Are you brave and self-sacrificing like a Disney hero? Are you handsome and perhaps a little vacuous (but very rich) like a Disney prince? Are you beautiful and clever like a Disney princess? Or are you sinister and self-serving like a Disney villain? Let's find out!

Are you OK with being vulnerable?

Do you have a particular expertise?

Are you prickly?

Do you like to obey the rules?

Do you rise to the occasion?

Do you defy expectations?

Are you a natural leader?

Have you ever run away from your responsibility?

Do you watch the clock at work?

Are you naturally optimistic?

Do people think you're strange?

Do you love to travel?

Where are you most comfortable?

Do you use your powers for good?

Do you love being around other people?

Do you always stand up for what is right?

Do you know how to study hard until you learn something new?

Can you control your temper?

How cocky are you?

Do you ever feel a little sad sometimes, perhaps for no reason?

Do you enjoy music?

Do you care about being around pretty things?

How fashionable are you?

How important is family to you?

How do you feel about your job?

Have you ever risked it all?

Are you good at coming up with a plan?

Do you have faith in the goodness of people?

Are you highly strung?

Are you charming?

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