Answer These Random Questions and We'll Guess What Comfort Food Feeds Your Soul!

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About This Quiz

Remember that moment in the movie "Ratatouille" where Igor, the food critic, tasted the meal that Remy had prepared for him and immediately felt like he was at peace? Well, that's what comes to mind when we think about what it looks like when food feeds your soul. And it's always a comfort food that does this job the best. 

Comfort foods by definition, are foods that make us feel nostalgic and or holds some sentimental value to us. These foods are so powerful, not because of their nutritional benefits, because they're not usually very healthy, but because they have the power to heal and make us feel better, even if the duration is only as long as the meal lasts. And we want to find out which food does that to you, right here, right now. 

Will your comfort food have lots of gooey cheese goodness? Will it be something more starchy, but also a lot creamier? Will the comfort food that feeds your soul be something fried and crispy? Or will it be something sweet and sticky? If you want answers to those questions, start by taking this quiz!

How many meals do you eat every day?

Which of these meals is your favorite?

Do you prefer sweet or savory foods?

Are you a dairy fan?

Are your food choices always healthy?

What's your go-to for breakfast (when you have time for it)?

Which of these sounds like a good option for a quick lunch?

What are you most likely to wash your lunch down with?

Which of these meats is the best for a dinner entree?

And which of these is the best side?

What's the best condiment on planet earth?

Which of these desserts is the most decadent?

Let's get a little sweeter. Which of these candies is your favorite?

How should one feel after a good meal?

What's the most you're willing to pay for an amazing dinner?

What do you drink the most of?

When it comes to alcohol, what are you drawn to?

Do you prefer to cook or eat out?

Which ingredient is used the most in your kitchen?

We also eat with our smell. Which of these smells are you most attracted to?

Speaking of great smells, which of these products are you most likely to buy, based on its name alone?

What do you like doing to relax?

Which of these best-sellers would you read?

Are you easily stressed?

Do people fear you when you're mad?

How would you describe yourself?

What kind of scenery would you want to see outside your house?

Which of these "L" cities would you move to?

What would be the hardest part of starting over?

But would you be excited to do it?

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