Quiz: Love Firearms? Learn Which Firearms Combo Describes You!
Love Firearms? Learn Which Firearms Combo Describes You!
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Guns are one of the most misunderstood things in American culture. The majority of gun owners look after their guns in a responsible way, from keeping them in a proper gun safe to ensuring no under-18's have access to always having good muzzle discipline. Indeed, if you're really into guns, you literally can't pick up a gun without checking whether it's loaded and ensuring that the muzzle is pointed into the sky, down-range, or into the ground (as appropriate). It's just drilled into your muscles; that's what you do. 

That's why you know you can safely own a gun and use it for sport. If you live in one of the many parts of the USA that are at least a 30-minute drive from the nearest police station, you might also own a gun for home defense. Either way, it takes a lot of work to get gun-safe, and you respect that.

Lack of understanding about guns also means many folks don't know the differences between them. A .22 rabbit hunting rifle is a vastly different tool than a fully automatic M-16. Some guns, after all, are military spec, best suited for people in uniform who have regular training, or at least who keep them secured and use them for competitions. Shotguns and smaller rifles are really for sport. Handguns may be for sport, but they're probably the best gun for home defense since they don't have the risks of a "spray and pray" weapon. Which you prefer doesn't just tell us how you use them, it tells us a little about who you are - and most people like more than one.

Which gun duo best represent your inner man? Let's find out!

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How long is your fuse?

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Do you consider yourself a pacifist?

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Do you know how to tread softly and carry a big stick?

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Could you survive in the wilderness?

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If you are honest: how funny do other people think you are?

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What kind of dog would you get?

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Do you consider yourself emotionally literate?

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How's your self-control?

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How much meat can you eat in one go?

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How often do people in your life see your dark side?

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What do you read for pleasure?

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What hobby best suits a true gentleman?

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