What Combination of Two Assault Rifles Matches Your Personality?

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Ask anyone who has handles enough firearms and they'll tell you every gun has a distinct personality. Some guns are very much a product of the time of their genesis: the assault weapons invented by the US after WW2 reflected a realization that having a high-caliber assault rifle didn't make sense in the way wars were fought, especially when you're talking about an army that has automatic weapons. The Tommy Gun was thus replaced, and the M-16 became the grandfather of all modern-day American assault weapons.

Go back to the Revolutionary War, and assault weapons were little different from hunting weapons; accurate only at close range and at that, only about 40% of the time, since few of them would have rifling. Today, the hand cannon has come a long way, going from a curiosity of elite European sportsmen to machines capable of manufacturing death on a scale appropriate to an age when social media can pinpoint your tastes with 90% accuracy.

Some guns were made for specific purposes, are hyper-focused on their intended purposes and have little use elsewhere. DARPA and Israel have each showed off guns that shoot around corners, or fire special rounds that lock onto a target and follow them like a heat-seeking missile. From the crude Browning Automatic Rifle, still in service, to the most advanced polycarbonate and ceramic rifles, assault rifles are as unique as people. Which two rifles make up your personality?

How old school are you?

How adaptable are you?

Do your friends consider you reliable?

Where do you store your guns?

How many guns do you have?

What's the most recent thing you pointed your gun at?

Have you ever had your gun go off when you didn't expect it?

Do you like to change it up, just for the sake of it?

What current war would you like to win?

What historical battle would you like to win?

How fast can you reload?

Have you served in the military?

Do you love taking risks?

When you shoot at a target, how good is your grouping (that is, how close together the bullets generally hit)?

At what age did you first learn to shoot?

How long does it take you to disassemble and clean your gun?

Do you secretly fantasize about stopping a bad guy?

Are you on the side of the law?

Do you have an eye for an opportunity?

Do you do things by the book?

Can you soldier on no matter what?

Do you tend to speak up when you see someone doing wrong?

What's your favorite movie genre?

What sort of house do you want to live in?

How do you like to get around?

What heroic scar do you have?

Which toy is the best toy?

Can you carry a lot of dead weight?

What drink do you love?

What kind of dog do you have?

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