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With more than 400 episodes on the books, "Law and Order: SVU" is one of the longest-running dramas in the history of television. Viewers tune in to watch the brilliant Olivia Benson and company solve crimes ripped straight from the headlines. Take our quiz to see how much you know about this crime-solving favorite.

What does the SVU in the the title stand for?

The staff of the Special Victims Unit seeks justice for victims of sex crimes. They also take on cases involving victims with special needs, such as children or the elderly. The name of the show comes from the real life Special Victims Unit of the NYPD.


Who was Olivia Benson's partner when the show premiered?

The chemistry between Olivia Benson -- played by Mariska Hargitay -- and partner Elliot Stabler kept fans on their toes for 12 seasons. After Stabler retired, Benson was primarily partnered with Nick Amaro.


John Munch was the SUV Captain for the first 15 seasons.

It was Donald Cragen who Captained SVU for the first 15 seasons of the show. After he retired, Benson became the Acting Commander, and she was officially put in charge of the squad in season 17.


What former rapper has a starring role on "SVU"?

Eighties rapper Ice-T stars as Odafin "Fin" Tutuola on the show. He worked as an undercover narcotics officer until his partner was shot, then he transferred to the SVU.


Who is the victim in the very first episode of the series?

In "Payback," the premiere episode of the series, Benson and Stabler investigate the murder and castration of a cab driver. They later learn that the man was a rapist living under an assumed identity.


What year did "Law and Order: SVU" premiere?

The show premiered in 1999, and the 18th season hit the airwaves in fall of 2016. In February 2017, the 400th episode of "SVU" aired, making it one of the longest-running non-animated series of all time.


What is Amanda Rollins' secret vice?

Amanda Rollins, who hails from Atlanta and is played by actress Kelli Giddish, has a secret gambling habit. Her love of the game almost gets her kicked off the squad, until Cragen takes pity on her and sends her to Gamblers' Anonymous.


The character John Munch originated on "Homicide."

John Munch was actually created for "Homicide" and appeared on that show from 1993 to 1999. When "SVU" premiered in 1999, the character moved to the NYPD and stayed for 15 seasons.


Who was Munch's original partner when SVU premiered?

Munch was initially partnered up with Brian Cassidy, but Cassidy quit the squad during the first season because he just couldn't take the heinous crimes he was exposed to. The character returned in season 13 as an undercover officer.


Who was the first full-time Assistant District Attorney assigned to SVU?

While SVU had part-time help from the DA's office in season one, it wasn't until season two that Alexandra Cabot was assigned to SVU full-time. Cabot lasted until season five, when she was replaced by Casey Novak, who was replaced by Kim Greylek by season ten.


What name did "SVU" use for Slender Man in a "ripped from the headlines" episode in season 16?

In a Slender Man-inspired episode called "Glasgowman's Wrath," Rollins, Sonny and Benson try to solve a crime in with three children go into the woods to find a legendary being they call Glasgowman.


Who killed model Natalie Bleers in the episode, "Wildlife"?

Stabler investigates an animal smuggling ring in the season ten episode "Wildlife," and finds a victim with a dead bird in her purse. Though she was surrounded by plenty of bad guys, her death was actually caused by a tiger attack.


Who is "killed in a drive-by" in season five?

As she prosecutes the murder of an undercover agent, Assistant DA Alexandra Cabot finds herself the victim of death threats. To protect her family, she fakes being killed in a drive-by shooting and goes into witness protection in the season five episode, "Loss."


Which actress plays a rape victim in the season 12 episode "Behave?"

Jennifer Love Hewitt guest stars as a woman who has been repeatedly raped by the same man for over a decade. The episode also highlights the large number of untested rape kits around the country, which horrifies Olivia Benson.


Which serial killer inspired the season six episode "Scavenger?"

Dennis Rader spent years as the BTK serial killer before he was apprehended in 2005. "SVU" based the episode, "Scavenger," which focused on a killer nicknamed RDK (for Rape, Dismember, Kill), on Rader.


What was the name of the young girl who begged Benson for help in the episode "911?"

In one of the most intense episodes of the show, Benson must help locate a girl named Maria, who calls 911 and can only reveal that she is trapped in a room. Olivia and Fin manage to find the girl buried underground in time to save her life. Mariska Hargitay won an Emmy for her performance in this episode.


Which famous kidnapping victim inspired the episode "Perfect" in season four?

The kidnapping and murder of a 14-year old girl in the SVU episode "Perfect" was inspired by the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart. In the episode, the crime was linked to a cult and a doctor who was completely obsessed with cloning.


What entertainment headline became the basis of the episode "Funny Valentine?"

The season 14 episode "Funny Valentine" was inspired by the altercation between Chris Brown and Rihanna. In the episode, a pop star named Micha Green winds up dead after refusing help from SVU in dealing with her abusive boyfriend, hip-hop star Caleb Bryant.


Which former child star plays Ashlee Walker in the season 10 episode "Selfish?"

It's Hilary Duff who plays young mother Ashlee Walker in "Selfish." In yet another "ripped from the headlines" episode -- this one inspired by Casey Anthony -- Walker is under the gun when her daughter Sierra dies of measles.


Where does Olivia Benson go undercover in the season nine episode, "Undercover"?

While investigating the rape of a young girl, Benson goes undercover in a prison where the girl's mother is being held. She discovers that the correctional officers at the facility are abusing the inmates and almost gets raped by a vicious CO.


What role does Martin Short play when he guests stars in the season six episode, "Pure"?

Short plays a psychic who tries to help the SVU solve a case. As the episode progresses, he starts looking more like a suspect than a member of the team.


Which legendary actor played engineer Merritt Rook in the season nine episode, "Authority"?

Robin Williams guest starred as Merritt Rook in the season nine episode "Authority." To get the public to question authority, Rook posed as a police officer who convinced managers at fast food restaurants to strip-search employees.


Where is the body of a young girl found in the season four episode, "Appearances"?

Inspired by the JonBenet Ramsey case, the season four episode focused on a body found in a suitcase. It's later revealed that the victim participated in child beauty pageants.


What is the name of Elliot's wife?

Kathy and Elliot Stabler married at age 17. They split around season six, but reunited after Kathy revealed she was pregnant in the season eight finale.


Where does William Lewis take Olivia Benson from in the season 14 finale?

Serial rapist William Lewis breaks into Benson's apartment and kidnaps her in the shocking season 14 finale. After he tortures her and forces her to watch him rape and murder other victims, she manages to escape, then bludgeons him nearly to death with a metal post.


Who guest starred as a woman with multiple personalities in the season nine premiere episode, "Alternate"?

Cynthia Nixon of "Sex and the City" fame appears as a woman with five different personalities in the season nine premiere. After her parents turn up dead, she and her sister become the top suspects of the SVU.


Which character dies in the season 17 finale?

Sergeant Mike Dodds briefly serves as Acting Commander of SVU before he is shot in the stomach in the season 17 finale episode "Heartfelt Passages." While he survives the shooting, he later dies of a stroke after surgery.


What actress went undercover on "SVU" as "Star Morrison"?

Marcia Gay Harding appeared in several episodes of the show as an FBI agent named Dana Lewis. She initially went undercover as Star Morrison to try to infiltrate a white supremacist group.


Which SVU member has a troubled sister named Kim?

Amanda Rollins' sister, Kim, has problems with drugs and her mental health. She also has a tendency to cause trouble for her sister whenever she shows up in New York.


What is the name of Olivia's adopted son?

After his mother is murdered, Noah Porter is left abandoned by his pimp father. Olivia Benson fosters the child, eventually adopting him in season 16.


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