Quiz: From Caesar to Brexit: The English History Quiz
From Caesar to Brexit: The English History Quiz
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About This Quiz

Think you know all about England? Prove it!

England has a rich and storied history. So rich and legendary, in fact, that many of us are obsessed with it (don't believe us? Check out Netflix). From colorful and powerful rulers to modern-day politics, England gives us much to talk about (and plenty of fodder for quizzes!).

The land we call England has been inhabited for the better part of one million years, yet much of what we refer to as English history began after the Romans lost control of the area. To watch Netflix tell the story, modern-day England started with the rule of the Tudors - Henry and the rest of the clan - in 1845. Henry is most famous for having eight wives, many of whom lost their heads because of real and/or imagined transgressions against the king. Still, Henry Tudor, in his prime, was a strong and intelligent ruler and worth the nod that history gives to him. Too bad about those wives, though.

If you think you know all about the Tudors, English conflicts, and the conflicts that made England the country it is today, take a stab at this quiz (but don't lose your head if you don't get them all right!).

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