Ender's Game, the novel: How well do you know the characters?

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From the genius children of Battle School to the secretive military commanders who train them, how much do you know about the characters of Orson Scott Card's best-selling novel?

Why is Ender called a "Third?"

In the future of "Ender's Game," families are only allowed to have two children. Ender was a third child, sanctioned by the government, and his status as a Third means he's subjected to teasing from other children.

What happens to Stilson, the child who bullied Ender?

When Stilson brings a gang to attack Ender, Ender accidentally kills him in self-defense. His teachers pretend Stilson was just knocked out, and Ender doesn't learn the truth until much later in life.

Who is Peter?

Peter is Ender's cruel older brother who washed out of the program to which Ender is accepted. He and Ender have a deeply antagonistic relationship.

What does Ender's mother do for a living?

Ender's parents, Theresa and John Paul Wiggin, are academics. They pretend not to understand the political games their children play in order to keep a better eye on them.

What organization does Colonel Graff represent?

Colonel Graff recruits Ender into an IF training program nicknamed Battle School. He acts as the program's director.

Where does Ender first meet Mazer Rackham?

Command School, situated on Eros, is the place Ender meets his mentor for the first time. Their meeting initiates a grueling schedule of "simulated" battles for Ender.

Which of the following characters doesn't immediately dislike Ender?

Petra isn't exactly warm and fuzzy, but she doesn't act toward Ender with the jealousy and hatred some of the Battle School boys evince.

To what Battle School Army was Ender first assigned?

Ender was inexplicably reassigned to Salamander Army before his seventh birthday to the surprise of his classmates. This ultimately put him in conflict with Salamander Army's leader, Bonzo Madrid.

Where do Ender and Alai become friends?

Ender and Alai bond over learning how to maneuver in zero gravity. They're some of the first students to attempt coordinated movements in the battle room.

What nickname is given to new students who arrive at battle school?

When Ender first arrives at battle school, he's quick to pick up on the social dynamic between the older students and the new Launchies like himself. Launchies get no respect from upperclassmen, so Ender has to earn it.

Who does Ender love the most?

Ender loves his sister Valentine and misses her dearly while at battle school. He tries to write her letters, but her responses are always intercepted by the IF.

What motivates Colonel Graff's actions toward Ender?

Col. Graff claims that he loves Ender, but he also fears war with the Buggers. His resulting actions stem from a mix of his sense of duty to Earth and his concern for Ender's well-being.

Which member of Ender's "Jeesh" is most similar to Ender?

Bean is a tiny, super intelligent member of Ender's team. He's just as sharp as Ender and covers for him when it counts.

Who uses the pseudonym of Locke?

Peter, after convincing Valentine to portray the rabble-rousing Demosthenes, writes political pieces under the pseudonym "Locke." He chose the name in reference to influential English philosopher John Locke.

Who helps Ender learn to shoot in the battle room?

Petra decides to befriend the runt of Salamander Army, taking him to the battle room and training when it was empty.

Who is in a relationship with Petra at the end of Ender's Game?

Dink and Petra are last seen holding hands at the end of the book, but "Ender's Game" isn't the final word on Petra's love interests.

How does Ender earn Shen's friendship?

When Bernard makes fun of Shen's butt, Ender sends an anonymous message, embarrassing Bernard. Shen figures out that Ender was responsible and is grateful to him.

Which of the following characters isn't a platoon leader in Ender's Dragon Army?

Carn is the commander of a rival army, Rabbit Army. He does end up under Ender's command in the IF battles.

Why does Ender take Abra with him on an exploratory mission?

Abra, an eleven-year-old boy who had lived on the colony since the age of three, knew the lay of the land better than Ender and didn't have anything better to do.

Who was too "soft" to join Battle School?

Valentine, Ender's older sister, is perceived as brilliant enough to be the commander they need, but she is too loving and gentle to make hard decisions in battle.

What does Ender believe is necessary to beat an enemy thoroughly?

A pivotal aspect of Ender's character is that he must come to love an enemy in order to destroy them. Only then does he feel he can understand them well enough to beat them.

Who or what is the Hive Queen?

The Hive Queen reaches out to Ender's mind while he plays the game on his desk. This escalates to nightly visits in his dreams as she tries to understand Ender before her race is destroyed.

Who challenges Col. Graff about the grueling battle schedule Ender faces at battle school?

Graff's second in command, Major Anderson, manages the battle challenges the children face in training. He confronts Graff because he believes the unfairness of it all completely negates what they are trying to achieve with the battle standings.

Who commands Ender during his time in Rat Army?

Rose de Nose becomes Ender's commander after Bonzo trades Ender out of Salamander Army. He mostly lets Ender do what he wants.

Who posts political treatises on the internet, under the pseudonym of Demosthenes?

Valentine participates in Peter's power play by writing in the character of Demosthenes, who frequently recommends views Valentine herself does not hold.

Who is considered to be too unstable and violent to attend Battle School?

Peter, Ender's older brother, "washed out" of the program because of his violent tendencies and insatiable desire for power.

What do the Formics want to be remembered as?

When Ender discovers the hive queen and writes "Speaker for the Dead," he describes their wish to be remembered as mankind's "tragic sisters," a race which would have sought harmony with humans had they been able to communicate.

Who wants to have Ender brought back to Earth, then ultimately tries to keep him away?

Peter and Valentine fought extensively over whether Ender ought to come back to Earth or remain in space. Peter wanted to use Ender's power and Valentine just wanted to be with him again. Ultimately, they keep Ender in space for his own protection.

What role does Peter Wiggin assume when he grows up?

Peter finagles his way into the position of ruler of the entire free people of Earth, otherwise known as the Hegemon. Fortunately, he softens up over time.

What haunts Ender's dreams immediately after the war is over?

Once Ender learns that he is responsible for the destruction of an entire race of beings, he is overwhelmed by horror and guilt. He spends days asleep having nightmares about the worst things he experienced.

Why doesn't Mazer command the army instead of Ender?

After his own time in the Formic Wars, Mazer realizes that he doesn't have the will or the conviction to lead the invasion against the Formics, which is why the IF tricks Ender into fighting them.

Who tries to prevent a solo confrontation between Ender and Bonzo?

Each in their own way tries to keep Ender from fighting Bonzo alone. Bean seeks the assistance of friendly armies, Petra tries to instigate a fight in public where she could protect Ender, and Dink tries to intervene before the fight in the showers.

Who chooses a life in space, to travel with Ender?

Valentine chooses Ender over Earth and life with Peter, realizing that she would always be either a tool or a threat to Peter if she stayed.

What does Graff do to Ender during the flight to Battle School?

Graff praises Ender excessively, thereby setting him up as a rival for the other boys. This makes it more difficult for Ender to acclimate and tests his ability as a leader.

What is Ender's real name?

Ender's real first name is Andrew, but he prefers the nickname Ender. After he leaves for the colonies, he slowly starts to use the name "Andrew" over "Ender."

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