Quiz: EMT Lingo Quiz
EMT Lingo Quiz
By: John Miller
Image: Paul Burns/Blend Images/Gettty Images

About This Quiz

There are days when time seems to stand still and suddenly work deadlines and dirty diapers don’t seem quite as pressing as they used to. On those days – when serious medical problems happen, due to instances like heart attacks and car accidents – EMTs (emergency medical technicians) rush to the rescue, hoping to save lives and to improve to future quality of life for people who’ve suffered serious medical trauma. Do you think you know about the work of EMTs to pass this EMT lingo and vocabulary quiz?

If you watch prime time TV (especially CBS) you've heard a lot of these words, but did they stick in your brain? Be warned: Sometimes the words that get used on TV aren't used the way real pros in the business use them.

EMTs undergo major education and training before they’re turned loose on emergency calls. They have to know a vast range of information, from medical terminology to high-speed first aid in order to help people who’ve fallen from roofs, suffered burns, or been in motor vehicle accidents.

Grab your medical kit, don your non-latex protective gear, and lace up your boots. It’s time to race off to this frantic EMT lingo quiz!

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