Quiz: The 'Empire' TV Show Quiz
The 'Empire' TV Show Quiz
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Hip-hop, fame, conflict — it's all in the drama series "Empire." Are you a fan of the Lyon family? Take this quiz to test your knowledge on the star-studded TV show.

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When did the television series "Empire" debut?
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Which network airs the television series "Empire"?
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Which industry is featured in the television series "Empire"?
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What city is the setting for the television show "Empire"?
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True or false: "Empire" is set in the 1980s.
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Which actor plays the "Empire" character Lucious Lyon?
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What is the parental guideline rating for the television series "Empire"?
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Which "Empire" character is the CEO of Empire Entertainment?
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Which city is the television series "Empire" filmed in?
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Tim Mosley produces the music for the television series "Empire." What is Mosley's stage name?
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What terminal illness is the "Empire" character Lucious Lyon diagnosed with?
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Which actress plays the "Empire" character Cookie Lyon?
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How many sons does the "Empire" character Lucious Lyon have?
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In which season one episode did the rapper Snoop Dogg appear as himself?
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Which "Empire" character is the oldest son of Lucious Lyon?
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True or false: The season one tagline for the television series "Empire" is "Music. Family. Power. The battle begins."
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In the television series "Empire," what is the character Cookie's real name?
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Which actor from the movie "The Butler" co-created the series "Empire" with Lee Daniels?
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Which "Empire" character is the youngest Lyon son?
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In which episode of season one does Jamal Lyon publicly reveal his sexual orientation?
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Which actor won a Golden Globe for his or her performance in the series "Empire"?
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What is the runtime for episodes of "Empire"?
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Which "Empire" character does the actress Grace Gealey play in the television series?
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In season one, "Empire" set a record for most consecutive weeks of increased viewership. How many weeks was this?
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How many viewers watched the premiere episode of the series "Empire"?
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Which feature film director served as a guest director for the "Empire" episode titled "Dangerous Bonds"?
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Which "Empire" actor earned his role on the series with a FaceTime audition?
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Which "Empire" character is Andre Lyon's wife?
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True or false: Terrence Howard was Lee Daniels' first choice to play the "Empire" lead character Lucious Lyon.
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Which actress plays Lucious Lyon's secretary, Becky Williams, in the series "Empire"?
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