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Sometimes, the dark side triumphs and sends the good creatures of the universe scurrying for cover. How much do you know about "The Empire Strikes Back"?

Who gets frozen in a block of carbonite?

The ultimate target of the procedure is Luke Skywalker, but Solo becomes an unfortunate test subject.

How does Han Solo reply when Leia says, "I love you"?

At first, Solo's arrogance is offputting to Leia, but she she is ultimately drawn to him

In the film series, which chapter is "The Empire Strikes Back"?

It was the second "Star Wars" movie filmed but it is fifth in the story's sequence

In miles, how long was Darth Vader's new Star Destroyer meant to be?

Even in fiction, it is hard to imagine a space craft of such immense proportions

In which year was "The Empire Strikes Back" released?

It was released three years after "A New Hope."

How does Darth Vader drop the bombshell revelation that he is Luke's parent?

It is one of the most misquoted lines in famous movie history

What's the first clue that Han Solo and his team have landed the Millennium Falcon inside a giant space slug?

The crew barely escapes being chomped by the huge, toothy slug

Why was Yoda exiled to Dagobah?

It was a dark and forbidding place, but it offered safety for Yoda following the destruction of the Jedi Order

How does the Empire discover the Rebel base on Hoth?

Han Solo and Chewbacca blast the droid but not before it sends an alert signal to Empire forces

Which hand does Luke Skywalker lose to Darth Vader's lightsaber?

Chopping off your offspring's limbs is a pretty good sign you've turned to the dark side

Who directed "The Empire Strikes Back"?

Kershner also directed "RoboCop 2"

What is the primary food source for wampas?

The poor tauntauns wind up get used by just about everyone

A fire during the shooting of which movie caused delays and budget overruns for the "Empire" crew?

The crews never determined what started the fire but it cost millions of dollars in production and set expenses

What is the name of the Rebel base on Hoth?

The base is overrun by the Empire and the Rebels are forced to flee

Where did the filming for "Empire" first start?

The Hoth battle scenes were shot on a huge glacier

The total budget for the movie might have been around how much?

It may have been less than $20 million; either way, it was money well spent

About how much did "Empire" rake in at the box office?

The film wasn't just a financial success, it was a cultural phenomenon

Why did Irvin Kershner originally turn down the offer to direct "Empire"?

Eventually he realized that he couldn't pass up such an amazing opportunity

Why didn't Jim Henson take up the offer to play Yoda?

Instead, the role went to Frank Oz, who won acclaim for his portrayal of the Jedi master

In scenes that were ultimately deleted, which creatures invaded the Hoth Rebel base?

As if preparing to eat Luke Skywalker wasn't enough, they decided to attack the base, too

Which character proclaims, "He is as clumsy as he is stupid"?

He was speaking about Admiral Ozzel, who makes a tactical decision that gives away the Empire's element of surprise; Vader kills him for the mistake

Before settling on Yoda, what was a proposed name for the short, aged Jedi?

A name that bad might have prematurely killed the entire "Star Wars" franchise

Which character does David Prowse play?

Vader, of course, would become one of the most memorable characters in the history of movies

Where was the location of the Rebel base prior to the planet Hoth?

The base was hidden in the tropical forests near an ancient temple

The EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate is probably best known for its role in which part of the storyline?

After flailing away fruitlessly during a battle with Vader, Luke's life is saved aboard this ship

The movie was released by which Hollywood studio?

The "Star Wars" movies have become one of the studio's all-time best investments

On which world did the King of the Dragonsnakes live?

Dagobah is home to all manner of pestilence, but also the Jedi named Yoda

The process for making which characters resulted in a new department at Industrial Light & Magic?

The creatures simply took more time and effort to create than anyone anticipated

To what location does Darth Vader lure Luke in an attempt to capture him?

Vader nearly accomplishes his goal, but Luke escapes by hurling himself into an abyss

What role did Peter Suschitzky have in the creation of the movie?

He also did work on "Dead Ringers," "Krull," and "Red Planet," among others

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