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Think you're already an expert on the ins and outs of some of the most embarrassing medical problems out there? Take this quiz to find out!

Jock itch is known as:

Tinea cruris is the official name of jock itch, and -- oddly enough -- foosball is the official sport of jock itch.


True or false: Women can get jock itch.

While middle-aged males are most likely to get jock itch, women commonly get it as well.


Which of the following is NOT used to treat jock itch?

As jock itch is a fungal problem, the solution is antifungal, taken orally or applied topically.


Which of the following is NOT a physical cause of long-term decreased sex drive?

Sleep apnea and use of alcohol or drugs can both result in lowered libido.


True or false: Psychological factors can lessen your libido.

Prior traumatic sexual experiences -- or guilt about infidelity -- can lower your sex drive, as can examining your bank account balance while deciding whether or not to have children.


Foods that cause bad breath include:

Certain stinky foods, such as onions and garlic, break down and enter your bloodstream, and your breath expel those stinky odors as the blood passes through the lungs.


Bad breath can be a warning sign of:

Health problems such as diabetes, which results in a fruity breath odor, kidney problems, which create an ammonialike smell, and liver dysfunction can all cause bad breath.


Dental causes of bad breath do NOT include:

Bad breath can be caused by tooth decay and gum disease, so seeing your dentist about bad breath could uncover other ongoing dental problems.


Which of the following will not help reduce the severity of self-inflicted scars?

Contrary to popular belief, vitamin E can actually hinder the healing of scars.


How long do scars take to fully form?

Though scars begin forming immediately after a wound is inflicted, they can take up to two years to reach their final state.


Scars form because your skin:

New collagen growth -- which initially appears dark and raised -- forms scars that will lighten over time and flatten out.


True or false: Blood in the feces is always bright red.

Fecal blood can be bright red or very dark, almost black. The closer in origin a medical issue is to your anus, the redder the fecal blood will be.


True or false: If you're an alcoholic, quitting drinking without medical supervision can kill you.

People with advanced alcoholism, upon quitting, may experience the dreaded delirium tremens, which is a severe reaction to alcohol withdrawal that can cause heart attack or stroke.


Which drug will make you extremely ill if you drink alcohol?

People who are trying to stop drinking sometimes take disulfiram, because it makes users violently ill if they consume even a little bit of alcohol.


How many people will experience blood in their urine at some point?

Blood in the urine, aka hematuria, is relatively common (as is freaking out about blood in the urine).


Hemorrhoids are caused by:

Hemorrhoids may be internal or external, depending on the location around the anus of the swollen veins.


Hemorrhoids will NOT cause the following:

Hemorrhoids can cause blood in the feces, painful bowel movements, itching and pain when sitting down.


Vaginal yeast infections are typically caused by:

Vaginal yeast infections are caused by fungi (specifically Candida albicans) that multiply due to a change in their environment.


True or false: Symptoms of vaginal yeast infections are similar to symptoms of some sexually transmitted diseases.

Symptoms of vaginal yeast infections mimic some STD symptoms: pain during urination or sexual intercourse, redness and discharge.


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