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Elmo of "Sesame Street" is a bright red puppet with a melodic falsetto voice who has captured the hearts and imaginations of scores of children throughout the world. Test your knowledge of Elmo with this quiz.

In the early days Elmo went by a different name. What was it?

His original moniker was "Baby Monster." Elmo was put in storage for several years and then reintroduced with a new puppeteer, Kevin Clash, who gave Elmo his distinct voice and personality.


How old is Elmo?

Three and a half: "Children often gravitate to Muppets around their own age, who act like they do and are going through same experiences they are. Elmo represents a preschooler, and much of our audience is made up of preschoolers," says Rosemary Truglio, Ph.D., vice president of "Sesame Street" Education and Research.


What's the name of Elmo's pet fish?

In an interview with the Sun Online, Elmo said, "Elmo's best friend is his goldfish Dorothy. Elmo goes to the movies with Dorothy, Elmo plays checkers with Dorothy, Elmo even goes to dinner with Dorothy, but Elmo never orders seafood!"


What phrase is Elmo more likely to say?

When puppeteer Kevin Clash created the persona for Elmo, his inspiration was love, which is one of the things that Elmo expresses the most.


The finale of each episode of "Elmo's World" concludes with Elmo singing a song to the tune of:

Jingle Bells -- with the lyrics changed based on the words of the day featured in the "Sesame Street" episode.


How many versions of Elmo does "Sesame Street" use?

There are eight Elmo clones in the "Sesame Street" New York studio, each with different features and functions.


What are Elmo's favorite sports?

In addition to rollerblading and miniature golf,Elmo also enjoys tap dancing.


What is Elmo's scientific name?

Furrius Childus, of course.


Elmo's favorite food is:

Pizza is the Red One's favorite food, and brussels sprouts are his least favorite.


Elmo lives on the third floor of the 123 Sesame Street apartment building with his mother Gladys, his father Louie Monster, and his baby sister Daisy. Who are Elmo's fellow monster friends?

Elmo's monster friends are Grover and Zoe, with Zoe being his BMFF, best monster friend forever.


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