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You're heard of Alexander Hamilton, but how much do you know about his loving wife? Take our quiz to test your knowledge of the lovely and devoted Eliza Schuyler Hamilton.

What year was Eliza Schuyler born in Albany, New York.

Eliza was born August 7, 1757. Her father, Philip Schuyler, was a former Revolutionary War General and among the wealthiest men in Albany.

Eliza Schuyler attended some of the finest prep schools in New York City.

Like most well-to-do women of her era, Eliza was homeschooled.

How old was Eliza when she married Alexander Hamilton?

Eliza was 23 and Alexander just shy of 24 when they wed on December 14, 1780.

Alexander Hamilton came of age in the Caribbean as an impoverished orphan.

Hamilton was born on the island of Nevis.

What did Eliza and Alexander Hamilton name their first child?

The Hamiltons named their first son — born in 1782 — Philp, after Eliza's beloved father.

The Hamiltons actually had two sons named Philip.

The Hamiltons had 8 children altogether. After the first Philip died in a duel in 1802, they named their next son Philip in his memory.

What did the Hamiltons name their home?

The Hamiltons named their 15-acre home in Harlem Heights, New York, "The Grange," after Alexander's ancestral homeland.

Alexander had a well-publicized affair in 1791 and 1792.

Alexander engaged in an affair with a young woman named Maria from 1791 to 1792. When he got caught, he wrote about the affair in great detail in a publication he titled, "Observations on Certain Documents."

Some members of the press actually blamed Eliza for her husband's extramarital tryst.

The press gave the already suffering Eliza plenty of grief over the affair, asking "Art thou a wife? See him, who thou has chosen for the partner of this life, lolling in the lap of a harlot!"

Eliza never forgave her husband for the affair and eventually filed for divorce.

By all accounts, Eliza forgave her husband for his mistakes — at least publicly — and stayed with him until his death.

How did Alexander Hamilton die?

Alexander Hamilton was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr in 1804, leaving Eliza a widow at the age of 46.

Alexander amassed a fortune during his political career, leaving plenty for his family upon his death.

Eliza was left destitute upon Alexander's death and even lost the family home, though she later was able to buy it back.

Eliza never remarried after Alexander's death.

Eliza never remarried after losing Alexander to a bullet wound and remained a widow for more than 50 years.

Which of these causes was Eliza heavily involved during her later years?

Eliza spent a great deal of time helping orphaned children during her later years and even invited some children to live in her home when they had nowhere else to go.

Eliza Schuyler Hamilton co-founded the first orphanage in New York state.

Hamilton, Isabella Graham and Johanna Bethune founded the Orphan Asylum Society in New York, which is still helping children to this day.

How many children attempted to secure residence at Eliza's orphanage when it opened in 1806?

More than 200 needy children tried to take up residence at the orphanage when it opened in 1806, but the founders could accommodate only 16.

Which U.S. president did Eliza hold a lifelong grudge against?

Alexander Hamilton and James Monroe often feuded, and Eliza carried on this grudge after her husband's death.

Monroe attempted to reconcile with Eliza before her death.

While Monroe never gave Eliza the full apology she felt she deserved, he did visit her before her death in an attempt to make amends.

What did Eliza wear around her neck after her husband's death?

Eliza wore a bag around her neck filled with pieces of a sonnet penned by Alexander as a memento of her husband.

What was the name of Eliza's older sister?

Eliza's older sister Angelica had a close relationship with Alexander Hamilton, and some suspected that she was more than friends with her brother-in-law at times.

Alexander was still deeply in love with his wife at the time of his death.

In a letter to Eliza just before his duel with Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton wrote his goodbyes, calling Eliza, "Best of wives and best of women."

Which of these monuments did Eliza help to raise funds for?

During her later years in Washington D.C., Eliza joined forces with Dolly Madison to raise funds to build the Washington Monument.

Virtually all of Eliza's letters to her husband have survived to the present day.

While much of Hamilton's correspondence survives, virtually all of Eliza's letters were lost or destroyed — or burned by Eliza, according to some theories.

Who did Eliza choose to compile her husband's papers after his death?

Eliza had her son John Church Hamilton compile and edit his father's papers. The young Hamilton eventually wrote a seven-volume biography on his famous father.

What famous document did Eliza claim her husband wrote?

To her dying day, Eliza Hamilton worked to shine light on her husband's contributions to Washington's farewell address.

Eliza Schuyler and her husband lived in the White House.

While Alexander Hamilton was the first secretary of the treasury and an aide to George Washington, he never held the presidency or vice-presidency, and thus, never lived in the White House.

Eliza and Alexander's story got a modern makeover with the Broadway musical "Hamilton" in 2015.

"Hamilton" debuted off-Broadway in January 2015 and was such a hit that it moved to Broadway by August.

"Hamilton" tells Eliza and Alexander's story using classical opera music.

The "Hamilton" music relies on a modern soundtrack, which includes hip-hop, R&B and rap songs.

At what age did Eliza Hamilton pass away?

Eliza lived to the ripe old age of 97, passing away in 1854.

Where can you visit Eliza Schuyler Hamilton's grave?

Eliza is buried next to her husband at Trinity Church in New York City.

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