Eat a Bunch of Junk Food and We'll Reveal Which Deadly Sin You Commit the Most

Teresa McGlothlin

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It's highly unlikely that you'll make it through life without committing at least one of the Seven Deadly Sins! Also called capital vices or cardinal sins, the big seven are the ones that can really get you into some trouble during the afterlife. Since food is so closely related to our personalities, we will be able to tell you which sin you commit more than the others by examining the junk food you stuff into your face. 

You know they say that we are what we eat, and we see nothing wrong with being made out of Twinkies. When you visit the junk food aisle and choose your favorites, we'll know what you do to soothe your soul and to satisfy your cravings. From there, we'll get a look into your soul, and we'll see which of the sins is most likely to tempt you. It could be gluttony or it could be pride, but your junk food choices will let you know for sure.

Grab a napkin and a snack. If you are not hungry before you begin, you will be by the time you know the Deadly Sin that comes most naturally to you. Which one will your caloric overload show that you commit most?

Here comes the ice cream truck! What are you going to order?

Lunch leaves you feeling hungry during the afternoon. What treat might you have in your desk drawer?

No one can eat just a handful! What do you have a hard time putting down?

When it's Easter time, which junk food do you want to find in your basket?

Doritos were not originally flavored. Would you like to try them that way?

If you could try one of these Japanese snacks, which one would you choose?

When fall rolls around, do you eat more caramel apples or candied apples?

Would you rather give up chicken nuggets or donuts?

If you were Santa Claus, what type of cookie would you want people to leave out on Christmas Eve?

There's no better way to end a meal than with a piece of pie. Which kind would you have for dessert?

In a pinch, cereal is a great snack! Which one is your go-to?

Little Debbie snack cakes are 50% off! What kind are you going to load into your cart?

When you order nachos, do you add or skip the jalapeños?

There are tons of different soda flavors out there. Which of these would you call a favorite?

Plain peanuts are boring! Which junk food makes them better?

You're craving something with marshmallows. What are you going to have?

Pizza rolls are a classic! Which kind tastes the best?

You're having a junk food breakfast. What goes on your plate?

You would not have survived childhood without toaster pastries! Which flavor would you buy now?

What sort of dip would you use to make vegetables taste less like cardboard?

You need to eat a candy bar to change your attitude. Which one gets the job?

Out of these potato chip varieties, which one is the best?

What type of chewy snack would satisfy an intense craving for something sweet?

Would you give Corn Nuts a thumbs up or a thumbs down?

Sometimes, you need a substantial snack. What type of beef jerky would you eat?

Would you choose Boston Baked Beans over Hot Tamales?

There's a bowl loaded with Laffy Taffy at the reception desk. What flavor are you going to stuff in your pockets?

If you had to chew gum to fight off a craving, which one would you pick up?

You're going to treat yourself to a slice of cheesecake. What's on top?

You were really good at the doctor. What type of lollipop are you going to have?

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