Quiz: The History of Easter Quiz
The History of Easter Quiz
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Celebrate the festive spring holiday Easter by taking this quiz, which will set you straight on when it is observed, why it exists and — most importantly — which flavor jelly bean everyone is going to try to steal from your Easter basket.

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Let's start off with a basic question. What does Easter celebrate?

Easter is celebrated to memorialize Jesus' rise from the tomb.

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What holy period ends with Easter?

Easter marks the end of Lent.

Many Christian denominations mark Lent with prayer, abstinence or fasting.

It's roughly translated as "Christ is risen!"

And it gets even more complicated ...

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The lunisolar calculations are based on what calendar?

Eastern Christianity uses the Julian; Western uses the Gregorian. So yes, the two arms of Christianity celebrate their biggest holiday on different dates.

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The Wednesday before Easter is sometimes called …

Based on the formation of Judas Iscariot's betrayal, "Spy Wednesday" sounds more like a cool midweek movie feature on television.

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Several important rituals take place on Maundy Thursday, which is also called Holy Thursday.

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What does "Maundy" refer to?

It refers to Jesus washing his disciples' feet. However, the word "Maundy" probably refers to the British "maunders," or beggars, who received tokens of charity from the king on Holy Thursday.

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Easter is also called Pasch, which shares a common root with what other religious holiday?

Many languages share the word for Passover and Easter or have similar variants.

They used the Hebrew calendar to line up Easter and Passover.

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Some people interpret what event as a Passover celebration?

Some interpretations of the Last Supper include Jesus holding a Passover Seder for the apostles.

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An English tradition around Easter is "clipping the church." What does it entail?

Nobody is quite sure where it came from, but some British congregations still gather around the church on the Monday or Tuesday after Easter.

It's not entirely known, but "good" probably just meant it was a pious holiday.

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Don't try to buy booze on Good Friday in what booze-loving country?

Irish pubs are closed on Good Friday, and the sale of alcohol is illegal.

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What baked good is traditionally eaten on Easter?

The icing "cross" on the bun is a reminder of Jesus on the crucifix.

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What book in the Bible refers to the Easter bunny?

OK, there is no Easter rabbit to be found.

While claims abound that an Anglo-Saxon goddess named Eostre is the basis for Easter's name and appropriation, there's little evidence they're true.

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Where did rabbits first become associated with Easter?

In the 17th century Germany brought the "egg-laying bunny" into the world.

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What creature brings Easter eggs in Switzerland?

The Easter cuckoo comes calling.

Eating eggs during Holy Week was verboten, so the eggs were decorated to distinguish them.

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What president hosted the first Egg Roll on the White House lawn?

The first official Easter Egg Roll was in 1878.

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Where were eggs supposedly rolled before the White House opened its gates to the practice?

The sour old Congress passed a law that the Capitol grounds couldn't be used as a playground.

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Both reasons probably play a part in why lamb is a popular Easter feast.

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What is a name for the Tuesday before Lent begins?

The first means "fat Tuesday," a day to celebrate gluttony before Lent; the other name comes from the word "shrive" and signifies a day where you confess your sins before Lent. Your choice.

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When were the earliest chocolate eggs made?

France and Germany were the first to bring chocolate eggs to the hungry masses in the 19th century.

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When did the first Cadbury Creme Eggs appear on the scene?

They appeared in the 1970s. Creme-filled eggs were around for awhile, but Cadbury Creme Eggs are, as we all know, in their own league.

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In a move that outraged the British, Cadbury Creme Eggs went through what change in 2015?

Instead of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, plain old garbage cocoa-mix chocolate was used.

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Who manufactures Cadbury Creme Eggs in the US?

Which means you're not eating Cadbury chocolate on Easter morning if you're in the U.S.

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What is the most popular jelly bean flavor?

It's the cherry flavor. You can tell everyone that fun fact around the Easter table.

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