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How much to you know about this financial capital of the world? Take our Dubai quiz to test your knowledge and learn about lesser-known aspects of Dubai's culture.

Dubai is one of seven emirates that form what nation?

Dubai is one of seven emirates, also called sheikdoms, that make up the nation known as the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Each emirate controls its own oil and has a vote with the Supreme Council of Rulers. Because Dubai is the wealthiest sheikdom, its vote counts for more.

The main source of Dubai's revenue in the 1980s was:

While finance and tourism, not oil, account for most of Dubai's revenue today, oil was king in Dubai from the time it was discovered there in 1966 to the 1980s. When the royal Maktoum family realized that the oil supply was dwindling, however, they steered their money toward other financial endeavors, endeavors that succeeded and helped Dubai become the lavish tourist spot it is today.

What is Dubai's Burj Al Arab?

The Burj Al Arab is Dubai's posh, seven-star hotel that looks like a sailboat and is decorated in 22-karat gold. It has been described as a complete indoor vacation for its guests, featuring a suspended helipad, two-story suites and personal butlers.

Some trace Dubai's rise to global prominence back to Sheik Mohammed founding:

Sheik Mohammed founded Emirates Airlines in 1985, an operation he began with his own money and just two planes. The airline proved to be a success almost instantly and now flies to more than 80 destinations across the world. Many believe the success of Emirates Airlines provided a springboard for Dubai to become a luxurious landmark.

What percentage of American stock exchange NASDAQ does Dubai own?

Dubai's role as a world financial capital is buoyed by the fact that it owns a 20 percent stake in NASDAQ. The Dubai International Financial Centre is a city within a city that has its own courts, regulations and commercial laws.

A typical "national" man in Dubai is usually dressed in:

In their native garb, "nationals" don white, long-sleeved robes, called dishdashas, while women wear black gowns and scarves, known as abayas.

What percentage of Dubai residents are UAE citizens?

About 10 percent of the people living in Dubai are natives of the UAE. This reflects a domestic identity conflict that contrasts with Dubai's carefully crafted international identity.

What sport is played on the Dubai World Cup Day, an annual Dubai event with $21 million in prizes?

Technically, the Dubai World Cup is just one horse race, the world's richest at $6 million, but it's actually an evening of racing held each March, in which six horse races offering a combined purse of $21 million are contested at Nad Al-Sheba race course.

Migrant laborers compose what percentage of Dubai's population?

While it's known for its more affluent guests and residents, 60 percent of Dubai's population is made up of migrant laborers. Many of these laborers help build the islands, towers and theme parks that the privileged few enjoy.

The "dark side of Dubai" refers to:

Dubai's underbelly has been dubbed a human rights nightmare, one in which workers are underpaid, working in dangerous conditions, and often forced into involuntary servitude. The human trafficking market is high in Dubai, with many women becoming the victims of commercial sexual exploitation. While there are anti-trafficking laws in place, Dubai has yet to prosecute offenders.

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