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Test what you know about dry lips, from whether or not applying lip balm will help heal them to what it might mean if you have dry lips and red eyes.

What is the most common cause of dry lips.

The most common cause of dry lips is dehydration.


Which is more dehydrating to lips: wind or sun?

Too much sun or too much wind (or both) will cause lip dryness.


Which vitamin might you be deficient in if you have dry lips?

B-vitamin deficiency has been associated with dry lips.


Which of the following isn't known to cause those cracks at the corners of your mouth?

Folic acid and riboflavin are part of the B vitamin family, and deficiencies may cause cracks at the corners of your mouth.


Who is most at risk of developing dry lips due to a B-vitamin deficiency?

The elderly as well as anyone with chronic illness or alcohol dependence.


In addition to a possible indication of a vitamin deficiency, dry lips can also be a sign of what disease?

Red, dry lips are a symptom of Kawasaki disease, a disease that causes inflammation in children.


While red, dry lips can be a symptom of Kawasaki disease, which of the following isn't?

Progressive kidney failure is not a symptom of Kawasaki disease.


Between what ages does Kawasaki disease commonly appear?

Between ages 2 and 5.


True or false: Dry lips that won't heal may be a warning sign of another health condition.

True. Dry lips may be a symptom of an underlying health problem.


Why do lip balms help heal dry lips?

Lips balm helps dry lips by creating a barrier seals moisture in your lips.


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