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"Bewitched" may have been a magical hit in the '60s, but it wasn't the only otherworldly series of the period. Check out our quiz to test your knowledge of all things Jeannie!

What is Tony Nelson's profession in "I Dream of Jeannie"?

Larry Hagman plays Tony, an astronaut who finds a genie in a bottle after crash-landing on an island in the South Pacific.


Who plays Jeannie on the show?

Barbara Eden plays the 2,000-year-old Jeannie, who falls in love with a mere mortal.


What year did the series premiere?

The show ran for five seasons, from 1965 to 1970.


True or false: "I Dream of Jeannie" started off in black and white.

The show started off in black and white before switching to color at the start of season two.


What is the name of Tony Nelson's best friend?

Capt. Roger Healey is Tony's best friend and fellow astronaut.


What actor played Roger Healey on the show?

Bill Daily played the scheming, girl-crazy Roger Healey.


What NASA doctor is always trying to determine Tony's secret?

NASA psychologist Dr. Bellows knows Tony has a secret — or a screw loose.


What is the name of Jeannie's sister?

Barbara Eden plays Jeannie's look-alike sister (also named Jeannie) who is often on a quest to steal Tony for herself.


True or false: Jeannie only has to wiggle her nose to make magic happen.

Jeannie folds her arms, blinks and nods her head to bring on the magic.


Who is Tony engaged to when the show premieres?

Tony's engagement to Melissa gets called off after some meddling by a certain genie.


Who proposes to Jeannie during season one?

Roger proposes to Jeannie during season one, and she accepts hoping to make Tony jealous.


What leaves Tony with amnesia in the season one finale?

Tony gets hit by a vase, leaving him with amnesia and causing him to fall in love with Jeannie.


Who put Jeannie in the bottle?

An evil djinn, played by Michael Ansara, trapped Jeannie in the bottle.


What animal does Jeannie transform Tony into in season two?

After Roger sets up a double date for himself and Tony, Jeannie transforms Tony into a poodle so he can't go.


What happens to Jeannie when she is sad about her lack of a birthday?

When Jeannie is sad that she's never had a birthday, she starts to disappear from her feet up.


True or false: A master can wish away his genie at any time.

Jeannie is extra nice to her master on Haji's Day, the only time a master can wish away his genie.


What does Jeannie end up locked in during season three?

In a four-part episode, Jeannie ends up locked in a safe that's headed to the moon.


True or false: Jeannie and Tony marry at the end of season one.

Tony and Jeannie marry in the fifth and final season of the show. She uses a mannequin to stand in for her in the photos.


What product does Jeannie sell in the series finale to help Tony strike it rich?

Jeannie makes chili with Tony's picture on the can but soon learns that he is prohibited from making product endorsements.


What is the name of Jeannie's uncle?

Uncle Sully calls for Jeannie to take over as queen on Basenji at the start of season five.


Who is the most powerful of all genies?

Haji is the most powerful of all genies and a ruler in the genie world.


What is the name of Dr. Bellows' wife?

Played by Emmaline Henry, Amanda Bellows becomes a close friend to Jeannie by the end of the series.


What show did Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman reunite on after the series ended?

The former co-stars reunited on "Dallas" in 1990, where Eden played J.R.'s former lover Lee Ann De La Vega.


True or false: Eden's real-life husband often guest-starred on "I Dream of Jeannie."

Eden's husband, Michael Ansara, played many small roles, including the Blue Djinn and King Kamehameha.


What year was the first "I Dream of Jeannie" movie released?

"I Dream of Jeannie … Fifteen Years Later" premiered on TV in 1985.


Which star was NOT part of the movie?

Larry Hagman was too busy with "Dallas" to appear in the "Jeannie" movie.


What is the name of Jeannie's son in the movie?

In "I Dream of Jeannie … Fifteen Years Later," viewers learn that Jeannie and Tony have a son named T.J.


What year was the second "Jeannie" TV movie released?

"I Still Dream of Jeannie" came out in 1991, with Barbara Eden returning in the title role.


What is Jeannie searching for in "I Still Dream of Jeannie"?

With Tony away on a secret NASA mission, Jeannie needs a temporary master so she doesn't have to return to Mesopotamia.


True or false: The much-loved series never picked up a single Emmy.

Despite its popularity with fans, "Jeannie" never won an Emmy and earned only a single nomination in 1967.


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