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If you're a classic film buff, you know all about "Animal House." And, if you're really cool, you'll ace this quiz about the movie. Do you think you know everything there is to know about "Animal House?"

Hey, we get it, the movie "Animal House" was before your time. But if that's what you think when you hear those words, then you're in the wrong place. After all, "Animal House" is one of the most iconic movies of all time.

Released in 1978, and starring the gone-too-soon John Belushi, "National Lampoon's Animal House" was a crass and memorable depiction of campus life as seen through the eyes of a college fraternity. With Saturday Night Live alum John Belushi at the helm, not many of the other actors were even on the radar of the movie-going public at the time, with the exception of Donald Sutherland (yes, Kiefer Sutherland's father) who had already starred in several films when he landed the role of Professor Dave Jennings in Animal House, and Tim Matheson, who played Eric "Otter" Stratton in the movie (and went on to play the Vice President of the United States decades later in The West Wing). The film was a debut venue for Kevin Bacon and Karen Allen.

So, put on your toga and let's get started.

What nickname does Kent get as a Delta pledge?

Both Kent and Larry pledge Delta, mostly because the frat needs all the dues it can get. Kent is given the nickname Flounder, while Larry is nicknamed Pinto.


What band rocks out at the Delta toga party?

The Deltas jam to "Shout" by Otis Day and the Knights. The band was created for the movie, but later became a real touring band outside of "Animal House."


Where does Neidermeyer's horse die?

Flounder shoots a gun loaded with blanks into the ceiling, causing Neidermeyer's horse to drop dead from fright right in the middle of Dean Wormer's office.


Who gets beat up for trying to steal Marmalard's girlfriend, Mandy Pepperidge?

Eric "Otter" Stratton is beaten up by the Omegas after he makes a play for Mandy Pepperidge, who is dating Omega President Greg Marmalard.


What Faber College event do the Deltas decide to sabotage after they are expelled?

By hiding Flounder's brother's car under a makeshift float, the expelled Delta members wreak havoc on the Homecoming Parade to take revenge on Wormer and the Omegas.


What happens to Bluto after he leaves college?

John "Bluto" Blutarsky marries Mandy Pepperidge and goes on to become a United States Senator, proving that there's hope for everyone.


Why does Kent assume he and Larry will be accepted by Delta Tau Chi?

After leaving Omega house, Kent and Larry head next door to Delta house, where they think they have an automatic "in" because Kent's brother was a member.


What future movie star played Chip Diller in the movie?

A young Kevin Bacon, in his first major movie role, played Omega pledge Chip Diller. He's famous for the line, "Thank you, sir, may I have another?" during hazing.


What event does Bluto imitate, using mashed potatoes?

Bluto irritates Greg and the Omegas by using a mouthful of mashed potatoes to imitate a popping zit -- resulting in a massive food fight.


Who is the clean-cut president of the Omegas?

It's Greg Marmalard -- played by James Daughton -- who leads the revered Omega House. In his spare time, he plots with Dean Wormer to get rid of the Deltas next door.


How long did Bluto spend in college before he was expelled?

After Bluto is expelled, he proclaims that he's just wasted seven years in college. Hey, not everyone can follow the four-year plan.


What is the name of the college the gang attends in "Animal House"?

"Animal House" is set at Faber College, back in 1962. It details the crude exploits of a pair of fraternities and their feuding members.


Who owns the horse that Flounder kills?

Doug Neidermeyer is an Omega and the ROTC commander on campus. After he bullies Flounder, the Deltas steal his horse for an elaborate prank that goes terribly wrong.


Who was Otter "engaged" to?

While on the road, Otter picks up girls from Emily Dickinson College by revealing that his (imaginary) fiance Fawn just died, prompting the girls to feel sorry for him.


How long did the "Delta House" TV show last?

"Animal House" may have been a big success at the movies, but the TV show it inspired, "Delta House," lasted only three months in 1979. The show featured Josh Mostel as Jim "Blotto" Blutarsky, plus appearances by a young Michelle Pfeiffer.


Who bombed Pearl Harbor, according to Bluto?

In a rousing speech he makes to convince his fellow Delta members not to give up, Bluto cites the way America fought on after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.


Which of the Deltas vomits on the dean?

After Dean Wormer not only expels the students of Delta House, but also alerts the draft board that the boys are no longer enrolled, Flounder is so upset that he vomits on the Dean.


What do Boon, Flounder and Pinto do to cheer themselves up after the Delta House charter is revoked?

When Dean Wormer revokes the house charter, after the toga party got out of hand, the trio take a road trip to get away from school for a while.


Which one of the Deltas is dating Katy?

Boon is dating Katy, played by Karen Allen, but she is constantly telling him to dump the Deltas because they are such losers. Allen would go on to play Marion in "Raiders of the Lost Ark."


What happens to Greg Marmalard after graduation?

Poor Greg Marmalard just can't win; after being the big man on campus at Faber, Greg ends up as an aide to the doomed President Nixon. He is then raped in prison.


What is the name of the dean's wife?

Dean Wormer is more than a little upset to find out that his wife, Marion, not only attended the Delta toga party, but also slept with Otter.


Where was "Animal House" filmed?

The University of Oregon gave producers permission to film "Animal House" on campus. The school was so accommodating that the dean even allowed his office to be used for filming scenes in Wormer's office.


Who inspires Dean Wormer to utter, "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son"?

When Kent "Flounder" Dorfman earns a 0.2 GPA, the Dean warns him that he's on the wrong path with this famous "Animal House" quote.


What is the name of the Faber College dean?

Poor Dean Wormer finds his blood pressure rising each time the Deltas are mentioned. He spends much of the movie trying to find ways to get the frat shut down and its students suspended.


"Animal House" was a financial failure.

"Animal House" has been a success since the beginning. It cost less than $3 million to make and went on to make more than $140 million at the box office -- and that doesn't include all the college sweatshirts and other merchandise.


How old is Clorette de Pasto?

At the toga party, Pinto hooks up with Clorette de Pasto. After discovering that she is only 13 years old and the mayor's daughter, to boot, he takes her home in a shopping cart.


What frat do the well-bred gentlemen of Faber College pledge?

The well-to-do gents at Faber belong to the exclusive Omega Theta Pi fraternity. While Larry Kroger and Kent Dorfman start off at Omega's new pledge party, they quickly realize that they don't quite fit in there.


What test do the Deltas attempt to cheat on by stealing an answer sheet?

Hoping to score passing grades on an upcoming Psychology test, Bluto and D-Day steal the answer sheet for the exam, not knowing that the answer sheet was faked by the Omegas.


What is the Delta House motto?

Delta's fraternity flag reads, "Ars Gratia Artis" This is Latin for "Art for art's sake."


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